Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats Recipe – In 5 Minutes

Gluten Free Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treats in 5 minutes

Let’s face it… After a LONG day at work – kid’s homework and projects – laundry – dinner and 100 other miscellaneous things, we all just want…just really NEED that late afternoon “sugar rush” to get us through the rest of the day. BUT WAIT…I’m on the DREADED gluten free diet!!! While some of us are on the gluten free diet because we want to live a healthier lifestyle, some of us are on gluten free diets due to health issues or underlying medical conditions. UGH… all of the zillion sweet things I REALLY crave are filled with the things ... Read More »

Why You Are Not In A Good Shape?

Why You Are Not In A Good Shape?

Every body shape and size is beautiful indeed. As long as you are healthy and happy, it does not matter that you are a size 2 or a 12. However, if you are one of the people who worry about your shape often, it is fine to get up and start working out and dieting in order to get into a good shape too. However, a change of life style comes with the complete change of mindset. There are reasons that you have become out of shape that you may be unaware of even. This article will tell you what ... Read More »

Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines

Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines

    Within your cherished time of having a little life growing inside you, you tend to let yourself go out of control when it comes to eating habits and exercising. Of course, you need to eat more and relax more than before, but there can be health and fitness concerns for both you and your baby if you do not watch your food intake and engage in some physical activity. Watching your calorie intake and continuing an appropriate work out session all throughout your pregnancy can help you recover easily from the stress on your body that comes along ... Read More »

Oral Care Tips

Oral Care Tips

  Beauty of a woman consists of many things such as a fit and healthy body, a pleasing personality and of course, good hygiene habits. It does not matter what a sexy figure you have and how beautifully you make up is done, bad breath and an ill maintained set of teeth can completely break your confidence and looks. Oral care should be one of the top priorities in your overall hygienic habits. This article will give you some useful oral care tips to that you can easily add into your lifestyle for a fresher, happier and more pleasant version ... Read More »

Exercises For Abs

Exercises For Abs

  Perfectly toned abs never goes out of style despite gender or age. The exercises you do for abs also helps good posture, shaped arms and also with a little more effort, a perfect back side as well. Even if you are a teenager with the desire to rock a cool crop top or a middle aged women needing a little more confidence in office attire, this article will give you ideas on some important exercises for abs. Before you move on to the bigger things, start with small things such as taking well measured healthy meals, drinking water and ... Read More »

Morning Workout Routines To Stay Healthy

Morning Workout Routines

The perfect morning workout routine gives you the energy and the pump you need to get going throughout the day, helping you to stay fit and healthy in the long run. Good start means a good ending too, so there’s your motivation to start your morning workout routine that has been in your new year resolutions each year but never put into practice! You have all heard not to oversleep and it’s equally important not to lose sleep. Make sure that you get enough sleep. Your body needs to rest after a long day and this helps you with the next ... Read More »

How To Burn Calories As You Eat  

Burn Calories As You Eat  

  If you are in a fitness regime to lose weight and be healthier,  dieting part is the hardest part. You must not let temptation and bad habbits  allow you to give in to the munchies and other junk food that you see every day. However, let us tell you how to burn calories while you are eating so you can have the joy of of eating without worrying about getting out of shape. – Hot peppers for a hotter figure Sorry for the cheesy title but hey, hot peppers can actually contribute to burning your calories if you are in the process ... Read More »

Drinking Water For A Healthier And Fitter Body  

Drinking Water

Have you ever stopped and thought about the miraculous liquid of water that gives and maintains life? Well, although it is invisible to many eyes which look for artificial drinks, water can give you many benefits to live a healthier life. Water has the power to keep your bodily functions balanced, control the amount of calories that you take, energize you from within, add a glow to your skin and, keep your kidneys healthy and happy as well. This article will take you through some important benefits you can gain by drinking an ample amount of water. After reading them, it ... Read More »

Fit and Free Friday


…because you know us bloggers and our alliteration… Happy Friday! Every day this week has been kind of a Friday for me, so it’s pretty strange to be excited about the weekend. All this time off is relaxing, but I have idle hands and I feel like there’s so much I should be doing. I heard a great quote from one of the trainers at LA Fitness a few days ago: Eat for who you want to be. Drink for who you are. The first part is self-explanatory. Eat the type of foods you would be eating if you were ... Read More »

Blogging for Good: Greater Orlando Heart Walk


You may remember, about a week and a half ago I wrote a post about the Valencia Foundation. This was for a program I’m participating in called Blogging for Good. On September 15th, I’m attending the Central Florida Bloggers Conference in Orlando, FL. The conference is promoting Blogging for Good, where bloggers and speakers write to bring awareness to six amazing non-profit organizations that are doing great things in Central Florida. One of the non-profits, or rather, events, that I’m inspired to write about is the Greater Orlando Heart Walk. Today I’d like to step away from my usual style ... Read More »