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Staying Active on Holiday

For those with an active lifestyle and fitness regimes built into their daily lives, their annual holiday is no excuse to let these sessions slide. However, it is not always easy to find the motivation to sustain the usual strength or cardio exercises in a foreign country. Especially when travelling with family or friends, opportunities to stay active should be found wherever possible.

Ibiza FitnessAn easy way to exercise on holiday is in the water. Whether there’s a pool, a river or the sea at your disposal, everyone loves to swim – especially when in a country whose climate is substantially warmer than at home! Whilst active members can work out in the water, doing circuits or lengths which exercise the whole body, other group members are able to splash around and enjoy their own preferred entertainments. A dip in the water is also very refreshing, and an ideal way to start the day. Getting up a little earlier than others to fit in lengths of the pool is not inconvenient, and ensures fitness levels won’t have slipped too much by the time you return to normal life back home. For the more adventurous, activities like kayaking are often available in resorts and can be a surprisingly taxing upper body workout!

Other people look to combine their exercise with exploration and sight-seeing. In countries of special beauty, the landscape can be ideal for walking, hiking and even climbing. Combining a trip to a nature reserve or historical site with a good walk at a steady pace will have people exercising without realising – only those who are keen need to push their pace and treat it as a sporting activity. Alternatively, the beach itself offers a perfect place to exercise. Walking and jogging on sand is much harder than on solid terrain, making shorter workouts effective. An evening jog along a beautiful beach combines the best of both worlds on holiday: enjoying the unique scenery whilst participating in exercise.

Some destinations are realising the potential interests of their visitors. Outside of hotel gym facilities, organisations such as The Workout Club are appearing in popular locations, offering group personal training for those who want to maintain their home routine and fitness work whilst away. Although for many of the guests in destinations like Ibiza, fitness wouldn’t be the priority. For those to whom it is important fitness groups offer ideal opportunities to carry out high intensity interval training and strength work under the guidance of expert trainers at the beach, in the park or in urban locations.

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