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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be on Fad Diet and On Slimming Pills

Woman measuring waist with tape measureEvery diet that promises a fast effect and a quick fix are definitely not advisable. If out of desperation you are turning to it, better don’t. Exercise and eat healthy instead.

So fad diets are very destructive. They may be in now, but may exit later, fast. But you cannot blame any desire to lose weight fast, after all everything today is gotten fast. From food, to movies, to work, to dating. Quick fixes that isn’t just that advisable anymore.

Benefits of Losing Weight Gradually

Losing weight gradually has the tendency for the weight to stay steady and not fluctuate back and forth in the scale. Gradually means you get everything in steady mode, you never will be a recipient of easy fix and you will enjoy your life later.

A good way to lose it gradually is to have a healthy diet, of good food. This plus a good exercise and a strict routine will get you in shape in no time. Minus the ill health benefits of a fad diet, the risks of slimming pills and others.

Five Reasons Why Fad Diet and Slimming Pills Aren’t Advisable

  1. Insomnia. Most slimming pills are inducing insomnia. It keeps you from having your original sleep pattern. It keeps you from having the once regular beauty sleep you once relished. It has a stimulant effect and most often it contains caffeine as well.
  2. Bad Breath, Dry Mouth. This is for the fad diets. Most fad diets inhibit some intake of natural fiber from the food. This may result to the mentioned disadvantages. As some other nutrients are being deprived from your body, you may feel like you have a dry mouth as well in the long run of the diet.
  3. Dizziness, nausea. This might be due to the reasons that you have cut on carbs. This may affect your natural and daily activities as you may feel light headed. This is a result of a sudden change of diets as well as sudden schedule of metabolism and your food structure.
  4. Socially Isolating. Meaning once you started dieting, you aren’t allowed this, aren’t allowed that food. You get isolated as you can’t eat what your friends are eating. You can’t get into a party or a wedding buffet too.
  5. Diarrhea. Palpitation. This is due to the laxative effect of the slimming pills. And this may also attack you at unlikely moments in school, at work or in a vacation. Palpitation is also caused by the substance from the pill.  This might be due to the caffeine and other chemical that aren’t really mentioned by your favorite slimming pill.

So Why Not Exercise Instead?

So if you are doubting the physical workout or any fitness routine, there are just ways to keep everything fun while working out. It can range from fun dance class, a quite meditative session or a fun gym routine. It’s your choice. Here are some you may consider.

  1. Gym membership. Go to the gym, snag a hot instructor and perfect everything. In no time you will get the body you wanted too.
  2. A yoga class. Aside from the great internal health benefits, yoga can help you lose weight. Plus its meditative effect and the breathing exercises, it will help you become better holistically.
  3. A zumba class. Love it? You body will too. So instead of running silently in your treadmill, why not try a fun and perky music to go with it? Or why not just try to arrange a zumba class instead?
  4. Get a hobby. Try joining triathlons, a mountain hiking hobby or a swimming hobby. These surely are the greatest ways to lose your extra flabs just by enjoying yourself while doing it.

So whether you are trying to start a diet or a slimming pill plan, try to think of it first. Instead go into some healthy meal plans, develop a fitness routine and voila, you’re your new self! Remember that losing weight and achieving your dream body requires work, lots of work. You cannot have it in a day or in two days. Once you get it fats, it will come back fast.

From now on, stay healthy, opt for the healthier choices. Your life, your health and your weight lies in your hand and the decision you will be making. So is it the fad Diet? The slimming pills? Or the Exercise?

Author: This is a guest post by Roselen, a health and fitness enthusiast. Catch more up-to-date slimming and anti-ageing tips at http://www.costhetics.com.au/.

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