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5 Ways to Keep your Infant Happy and Healthy

Happy Baby!

Keeping your baby happy is always a top priority. You always want to make sure that they are comfortable and have everything they need. Your topmost priority, however, is to keep them healthy. A healthy baby is always happier.

A baby’s immune system is just starting to develop, so it is crucial that you always sanitize things that come into contact with your baby. This does not mean that everything has to be wiped down in bleach before it comes into contact with them, but it does mean you need to take some extra precautions.

Certain items like the new baby playard have washable surfaces that are easy to keep clean. In fact, cleanliness is one of the best features of these new designs in old fashioned products for helping raise infants. Changing tables and strollers are other baby apparatuses that should definitely be wiped down at least one time per day. Other than that, there are 5 simple tricks that you can do that will help keep your baby safe from harmful germs.

1. Wash Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are a germ haven. Babies often put these items in their mouth, and the moisture collects germs. Washing these items in the washing machine once a week is highly recommended to ensure the bad germs have been eliminated. However, if you place them in the dryer on high heat once every other day, you can reduce the possibility of contamination. The high heat kills most germs that could be lurking in these toys.

2. Scrub Pacifiers

Pacifiers should be thoroughly scrubbed each night and replaced at least once a month. You should also keep several of them on hand so that if one gets dirty or is dropped, you can quickly replace it without having to stop and clean it at that moment.

3. Disinfect Bedroom Surfaces

Disposable wipes are perfect for quick cleaning of the surfaces in your baby’s room. You must remember that babies will place their mouths on everything, and they can easily pick up germs from what they touch. Wipes with a disinfectant in them are very convenient for this purpose.

4. Boil Bottles

Bottles and nipples should be boiled each night and air dried. This has always been the most effective way to sanitize these items. Scrubbing with cleaners can leave residues or not thoroughly destroy any milk-based bacteria. Boiling in plain water for at least five minutes will keep the bottles and nipples germ free.

5. Wash Your Hands

All-too-often parents will stop whatever they are doing to pick up their baby. Many times, however, the parent should have stopped and washed their hands first. Many germs that are harmless to an adult can make a baby sick. This includes common germs found in the kitchen, bathroom, and yard areas. Older children, too, should be educated on the importance of hand washing.

The best way to keep your baby happy and healthy is to always remember that their immune system is not as strong as yours. Little things that are overlooked can often lead to sickness.

Lisa Coleman is a mom and writer based in Atlanta, GA. As a mom, she knows first-hand the importance of keeping things like a baby playard, nipples, and toys as germ free as possible for baby. Keeping all baby and kid items sterilized is simple and very important.

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