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I am a college student that is trying to stay physically fit and eat healthy. We all know how hard this is, so I am trying to post some tips, and get some discussions started so we can all learn from each other.

Food on My Face: Raw Honey

When I became dedicated to healthy living, I began looking for a more natural approach to my daily routine. One of the most awesome things I’ve discovered is raw honey for my face. In the last month that I’ve been using it as a face mask, I’ve had the clearest, smoothest and softest skin since I hit puberty. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill teddy bear honey. I’m talking about unprocessed, unpasteurized and unfiltered honey straight from the hive. I know putting something sweet and sticky on your face to prevent breakouts sounds counterintuitive, but it’s worked wonders for me. My theory There’s ... Read More »

Changes in My Life

There are so many changes in my life I don’t know if it’s wrong or if it’s right And I want you, want you by my side Everything is gonna be alright Changes in my life I won’t leave you behind Changes in my life You will see in time In life we’re always looking Leave the past behind We try to see the warnings and read all the signs Sometimes you gotta take chances Nothing stays the same The world will keep on turning Again and again, again and again Changes in my life You’re always on my mind ... Read More »

Both Feet In: Welcome!

Hey there! I’ve been entertaining the idea of launching a blog for a long time now, so here I am, jumping with both feet, into the blogging world. In high school, I loved to write. I was always the kid who read the assigned literature instead of the online summaries, and turned in essays and stories ahead of time. But no one at the time took a writing career seriously, so I went to school for advertising and became a graphic designer. Last year, I started paying more attention to my health and fitness, and in March of this year, ... Read More »

WIAW: Falling Into Good Habits

I’m really excited about the new What I Ate Wednesday theme, “Fall into good habits.” Now that my first race is only three weeks away, I’m starting to fall back into better habits that I hadn’t been doing a good job of maintaining. My last grocery trip consisted of almost only fruits, veggies, and healthy grains, so I’ve been surviving off good food this week and loving the benefits. Aside from the cheese and dairy (which I’m slowly cutting out), I think I’m on the right track. This week’s WIAW for me is all about staying on the path to ... Read More »

25 Things I’d Like to Do Before I’m 25

Hey there! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! I just came back from the Central Florida Bloggers Conference last night and I have so much to write, but I’m saving it for my Monday Weekend Wrapup. It’s going to be a lazy Sunday full of healthy eats and football. I realized I don’t talk much about who I really am on this blog. Of course, you know what my health and fitness goals are, what type of food I eat, and what type of sneakers I run in, but there’s much more to my life than blogging and ... Read More »

CFLBlogCon Recap #2

Hi again! Did I say tomorrow? I meant later this afternoon. This morning I talked about the first half of the Central Florida Bloggers Conference that I attended in Orlando Saturday. I have so many notes and awesome takeaways to share with you from the post-lunch sessions, so let’s dive right in. After the awesome yoga session, I made my way towards an analytics presentation given by Mark Krupinski from Social Rubicon. I’m already implementing a lot of the things he discussed, but he emphasized the importance of continually checking and analyzing the tools you’re using. Takeaways: Analytics #FTW by ... Read More »

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday! I’m not usually one for alliteration and catchy titles, but this really has been a fabulous Friday. For starters, it’s a beautiful day. This is the first day it hasn’t rained in weeks! Unfortunately, I spent it cooped up inside, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be just as sunny and beautiful. Another fabulous thing about today is this bag: I scored this Big Buddha laptop case in perfect condition for just $14 at Plato’s Closet! Is that a steal or what? (My apologies for the excessive use of exclamation marks. It’s been an exciting ... Read More »

The Amazing Hash Brown Stack

I know it’s only Thursday, but I’m already excited for the weekend. Saturday night and Sunday I’m going to Cocoa Beach with Whitney and some of her friends. It’s been a year since I’ve seen the beach! So in all my excitement and because I’ll probably be AWOL again this weekend, I’d like to preemptively share a recipe for one of my favorite, easiest weekend breakfast ideas: the amazing hash brown stack. I love to make big breakfasts on the weekends. My mom got me started on this, since we only get two days a week to sit down with ... Read More »

Healthy Travel Tips- Important for Traveling

Traveling for pleasure or business can be healthy when the necessary measures are taken. This helps in reducing stress, avoiding illness and enjoying the trip. Maintaining a healthy life improves performance of the job when undertaking trips for business purpose. There are some healthy travel tips which are effective and simple while traveling- Fitness friendly accommodations- there are many hotels which have gym facilities and good quality equipments for workouts. This will help to maintain fitness even while on travel trips. Nutritious food- having knowledge about the positive and negative impact of food is very important part of healthy living. ... Read More »

Return of the 2-Day Cleanse

It’s the start of a new week, so I’m kicking off Monday with the start of my favorite cleanse. For the next two days, I’ll be doing the Look Better Naked 2-Day Cleanse from Women’s Health Mag. This isn’t so much a “cleanse” as a short diet and a quick way to lose some water weight. I love doing this cleanse because I never feel hungry or tired while I’m on it. In fact, I always feel more awake and have plenty of energy to maintain my workout routine. I made my berry smoothie this morning and felt full until ... Read More »