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The Average Girl’s Guide to Running

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Mine was low-key and relaxing. I actually ate healthier and exercised more than I normally would, probably because all my friends are out of town.

This post isn’t really a guide to running, since I’m no expert. It should be called “The Inexperienced Novice Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Stumbling and Shin Splints.” But I like to give myself more credit.

On Friday, I completed an Insanity workout and ran two interval miles on the treadmill in 22:50. I did the first mile in 11:09 and pushed myself to complete one more. I know those numbers are hardly impressive, but I’ve always had a hard time running and I tend to get tired faster on a treadmill than outdoors.

There are so many treadmill workouts on blogs and on Pinterest, but I immediately become discouraged from trying them as soon as I see “8.0 @ 6% incline for 2 minutes” or “9.0 @ 2% incline for 4 minutes.”

Realistically, I’d have to be a triathlete to knock that out on a treadmill.  So instead of brushing off interval treadmill running, I wrote my own routine that will help the average girl run faster and farther.

If you need to go slower, or if you could speed up at any point, then definitely do! Run at a speed that feels comfortable for the time given. This workout will get your heart rate up, give you intervals to rest, and burn max calories when you pick up your pace. It includes a warm-up and cool down, and you’ll be able to knock out at least 2 miles.

On Saturday, I woke up with incredibly sore abs and obliques, which I attribute to sitting on the exercise ball for 6 hours Friday or the previous day’s Insanity. Not sure which one, but I’m not questioning good things. I did the Pure Cardio workout that afternoon, along with my Do-A-Pullup circuit.

I’m sore all over today. From my shoulders, arms and back to my core and legs, there isn’t a muscle that feels loose or flabby. I spent the better part of this morning and afternoon recording my very first workout video, a follow-along to 300 Reps for Abs.

 I’m definitely in over my head when it comes to recording, but everyone has to start somewhere. I filmed in my spare room, which had no circulation, so I was winded and sweaty after the first take. Once I figured the camera angles out and got through the first third of my workout, I realized it hadn’t been recording the whole time. I started over, only to watch it afterwards and realized how unnatural and nervous I sounded.

But the workout got done, and it’s something for you guys to follow, so that’s all that matters. Now it’s time for me to start the editing journey. Maybe I should just stick to graphic design?


I’m wondering…


Do you follow a routine on the treadmill? Is distance or time more important to you? How do you motivate yourself to keep going when you start to feel tired?

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