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How To Burn Calories As You Eat  

Burn Calories As You Eat   

Picture 1 Calorie Burning Food As You Eat


If you are in a fitness regime to lose weight and be healthier,  dieting part is the hardest part. You must not let temptation and bad habbits  allow you to give in to the munchies and other junk food that you see every day. However, let us tell you how to burn calories while you are eating so you can have the joy of of eating without worrying about getting out of shape.

– Hot peppers for a hotter figure

Sorry for the cheesy title but hey, hot peppers can actually contribute to burning your calories if you are in the process of trying to lose weight and obtain a hot figure! Chilies and peppers contain a compound called “Capsaicin” which gives it that burning taste which is able to heat up your body from within making it to burn some extra calories without physical effort from you. The sweat and the increased breathing that you get after eating hot foods happen due to this. Therefore, adding more of these in your daily diet in both fresh and cooked meals and snacks is a good move to burn calories while you eat.

Burn Calories As You Eat   

Picture 2 Calorie Burning Food As You Eat

– Whole grains, whole foods, whole everything!

If you want to eat a lot and still be in shape, make sure you eat the things that your body has to work a lot to break down. Whole grains and whole foods are rich and filled with fibers which make your body burn a lot of calories just to break them down. Therefore, try to substitute with the whole version of your food (brown rice, oatmeal etc) in your meals.

– Meats and high protein food

Foods which contain a high amount of proteins such as meat and fish have a bigger thermogenic effect than the others. This means you get to burn about 30% of the calories just to digest those foods. However, make sure you do not include high fat oils in preparing them.

– Go green

Although this is not actually a way to burn calories, eating greens is always in the top most of healthy eating habits. If you do not like the taste of a raw salad, spend a little time getting to know about new recipes for your greens in various cuisines around the world. You will be surprised at how many choices you have.



Burn Calories As You Eat   

Picture 3 Calorie Burning Food As You Eat

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