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Class it up – Piloxing

With the current heat wave taking over Britain, life has been about BBQs, beer gardens and getting those bods out while the rays are still about. But now the food and drink has taken its toll and I’m sure, like me, you’re feeling slightly wary about sunbathing with food babies. Well its time to put the burger down and get back to being fit for summer. Dance is a fun way to get fit and let’s face it, in this heat who wants to go to the humid, sweaty gym? This week I decided to try a new fitness class called Piloxing. Let’s see what happened.

I knew Piloxing was a cross between Pilates and Boxercise and I’d done both of these before so I was expecting some high energy workout with some light stretching moves in between to lower the heart rate and provide a nice balance to the workout. It really wasn’t like this. It started off with some Boxercise moves, doing hook and jab motions with my arms while squatting and marching. That was fine; I love moves like that because they improve my hand-eye coordination, something I don’t have a great deal of. I love doing a class that I know is going to benefit me so these types of moves were great.

The Boxercise side of this class then was right up my street. The Pilates side was harder than I expected. Rather than the stretches being a break from the energetic routine, they were definitely the most difficult part. The moves required a great deal of balance. One example saw me standing on one leg and kicking the other leg in and out at a slow pace repeatedly. It was hard but that’s the brilliant part of this class. If you’re not that flexible, lack coordination or have zero balance than me, this is a great class for you. It really improves your core strength. Your first try at this will undoubtedly be embarrassing. I fell out of the moves all the time but the instructor was great. She offered some really useful tips and helped me understand that everyone works at their own pace. I loved it.
If you’re worried about this class being too advanced, then go back to basics with a beginners Boxercise class or Pilates. However if you’re up for the challenge, try it. Burn those burgers off.

Now, I’ve recommended this class and I’ve said what the benefits are but I’m sure you, ladies in particular, are worried about what to wear. Due to the flexible nature of this class, you need some tight ladies dance pants. It doesn’t matter what you pair with them and trainers aren’t necessary as a lot of people do these classes barefoot. Tight pants though really are a must. If you wear baggy joggers they get in the way and can be too heavy so trust me dress right. Dance is such a fab way to get fit, don’t ruin the fun because you wore the wrong pants.

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