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DeadX Deadlift Shinguard

I hope you all had a great weekend! I’m finally getting back into a routine and starting to make time for fitness and blogging. It’s been harder to adjust to the new city and new job than I expected, and unfortunately my blog has suffered the most. But I’m getting there, so thank you for sticking with me!

I’ve been spending a lot of time at LA Fitness lately, which is awesome and so convenient. It’s probably ¼ mile from my house, and I live on the side of town where gyms don’t get packed at 5:30pm on weekdays.

I’ve been bringing my weightlifting staples along: my Gold’s Gym women’s lifting gloves and my DeadX Deadlift Shinguard. I got the gloves at WalMart for only $8, and they’re so comfortable. They allow me to lift without worrying about calluses or getting that burning pain in my palms.

As a girl, it’s really important to me to not wreck my skin when I’m lifting, and since I’ve been getting into deadlifting, I’m trying to protect my legs and shoulders, as well as my palms. That’s where the DeadX Deadlift Shinguard comes in.

When I visited New York last month, I was fortunate to meet Eric Olivencia, my friend Alexandra’s personal trainer at Fox News. As all fitness folks do, we got to talking about what we like to do and what our goals are.

I mentioned to Eric that I recently started lifting, and he showed me a product he invented, the Deadlift Shinguard, which protects your shins when you’re lifting, and has lots of other uses.

He showed me a quick demo and offered to send me one, and of course I jumped at the opportunity to try something I very clearly needed.

The Shinguard is produced by Eric’s company, BadKallus, and he’s spent years developing it through his own research as a personal trainer. Its original purpose was to protect your shins while deadlifting, but Eric and his clients have discovered lots of different uses for it.

The Shinguards come in two different sizes, 18.5” and 22”. The smaller one is great for women, who have a smaller grip, and the bigger one works better for people with a broader grip or broader shoulders.

When we received our package, Troy tried out the blue, and I tried the red one. He didn’t expect to receive one in the mail, and he definitely made the most of it at the gym. Troy’s also been incorporating deadlifting into his routine, and he used it for squats, lifting, and even ab roller.

The awesome thing about this Shinguard is that it’s so thin and portable. It’s not like one of those big padded foam shoulder pads you put on barbells when squatting. Those are good, but they’re so one-dimensional and make me feel off-balance. I could use the Shinguard for everything from girl pushups, to barbell squats, to ab exercises.

What I really liked about this is that the material is deceivingly thick. Normally, my knees hurt from bird-dogs or anything that required knees-to-floor contact. With the Shinguard, I could kneel right on the gym floor and not worry about bruising my kneecaps.

Finally, let’s talk price. It’s $34.95 for the small one and $36.95 for the larger one. I’m sure it sounds a bit pricey for a supplemental piece of gym equipment, but it’s way worth it to me to protect me shins, shoulders, and knees. Plus, I don’t have to wait for someone to finish using the mat at the gym to do all my exercises on my knees, and considering how portable it is, I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of it.

The verdict? I highly recommend the DeadX Deadlift Shinguard. You can find it at BadKallus.com.


I’m wondering…


This seems like a great product for Crossfitters and recreational lifters alike. What do you think? Is it something you’d be willing to try?

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  1. Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile

    Usually the gym has those things already but they’re usually torn up and sweaty haha. Those are life savors with the smith machine!

    • Agreed! What I like about these is they’re not as bulky as the gym ones so I don’t feel off balance. Smith machine! That’s the word I was looking for!

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