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Do it Yourself Physical Therapy to Aid Accident Recovery

Auto accidents can be difficult to deal with from many perspectives. The physical trauma can be frightening for everyone, including all of the victims and their families. This is why it is so important that those who are injured make every effort to repair damages, from physical recovery to financial compensationhamstring sea stretch. For instance, there are many exercises that can be done on a regular basis that will ease soreness and pain, while an accident lawyer can help to recover damages for car repair costs, medical expenses, loss of income and pain and suffering.

Physical Recovery

The first order of business after a car crash is to follow the advice of physicians in an examination. Much of the time, there are physical therapy exercises that can help a great deal, such as those listed below.

1. Full body stretching is recommended before any form of exercise. However, it is also very beneficial as a main course for physical damage such as that which occurs after an accident. There are all kinds of routines to consider, from warm up exercises to Pilates and Yoga. The key is to use gentle techniques so as not to cause further damage. Also, easy routines can be found from physical therapists, on TV shows and on DVD for convenience.

2. Many physical therapists recommend using various forms of exercise balls. For instance, stretching the body across a larger one provides a full body stretch without straining any muscles. In fact, using these balls is known to feel much like a gentle massage along the back. Also, there are small medicine balls for gripping and flexing.

3. Certain injuries that involve the limbs can benefit from exercises that pin point those areas. For instance, for a knee injury:

a. Sit with the back against a wall
b. Straighten the leg on the floor, flat on the ground
c. Flex quadriceps muscle

The knee will slightly lift toward the waist. For certain injuries, this exercise can take time. However, beginning with simple stretching will make it easier over time. Essentially, this exercise can have the same effect as walking, but without further straining the muscle.

4. Water therapy can be very beneficial for car accident victims for all sorts of injuries. Aside from a pool, it can also be done in a bathtub. The water therapy can work to soothe the muscles so that it is easier to do stretching exercises either in the water or out. For instance, stretch the legs forward, bend the arms and turn the head, just as though you were doing a simple stretching routine on the floor. Since relaxed muscles are much more flexible and the water can help to reduce the pain, this all leads to a faster recovery.


Part of the full recovery process from any accident includes finances. For instance, there will be extra costs for everything from medical bills to loss of time at work. Additionally, victims of accidents are entitled to money for pain and suffering. Therefore, contact a personal injury or car accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Chances are, there are reimbursements that you haven’t thought of due to the confusion and pain that accident trauma can bring. According to attorneys at the DeVore Law Office, you can be compensated for “loss of income if unable to work, or if you need to take care of a spouse, child or loved one due to an accident, child care and caretaker expenses if you are unable to care for your children or yourself, medication and surgery fees, rehabilitation expenses including occupational and physical, psychotherapy fees for emotional recovery, and any other expenses incurred during your injury and recovery.”

Recovering from any auto accident trauma takes time. Symptoms can last anywhere from days to months and even for a lifetime. However, sticking to some form of exercise routine can help to ensure that symptoms gradually fade or at least be reduced as much as possible. Remember that not attending to the physical and financial aspects of an accident makes full recovery very difficult and could lead to lifelong difficulties that could have been avoided with proper care and legal advice.

Author Molly Pearce is a former healthcare worker and mom of two who frequently writes on the subjects of health and human rights. She hopes this post offers some fresh ideas on how individuals injured in an accident can speed up their recovery process. Research for this post was conducted in part on the website of the DeVore Law Office, which has been handling a variety of criminal cases successfully, including those involving accident injuries, for more than ten years in the Minnesota area.

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