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Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday!

I’m not usually one for alliteration and catchy titles, but this really has been a fabulous Friday.

For starters, it’s a beautiful day. This is the first day it hasn’t rained in weeks!

Unfortunately, I spent it cooped up inside, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be just as sunny and beautiful.

Another fabulous thing about today is this bag:

I scored this Big Buddha laptop case in perfect condition for just $14 at Plato’s Closet! Is that a steal or what?

(My apologies for the excessive use of exclamation marks. It’s been an exciting day.)

Today’s also great because I got to eat these delicious vegan oatmeal banana cookies all day.

They probably weren’t the healthiest thing to munch on, but they were just so good! The second thing I’ve ever baked was an official success. Recipe soon to come!

I made quinoa salad with grilled tilapia for dinner, which actually exceeded my expectations and added to this great day.

Keep an eye out for this recipe as well. I promise, you’ll want to try this one!

Finally, this Friday rocks because I get to spend a quiet night at home with my boyfriend, my puppy, and a bottle of my favorite temperanillo wine.

I hope you’re having a great Friday as well and a fabulous start to your weekend!


I’m wondering…


What made your Friday fabulous? What are you looking forward to most this weekend?

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