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Weekend Wrapup: Back to Basics

Happy Monday! And the only reason this Monday is a happy one is that it marks the start of a 3-day work week. This weekend was all about starting fresh for me. A little while ago, Whitney told me she was going to start training for a bikini competition, and she’s inspired me to push further with my fitness goals. I’m pretty content with where I am now, but I know I have a long way to go to catch up to her and reach my own goals. Last week, Whitney shared with me some of her diet dos and ... Read More »

Bikes, Bragg’s and Blogs

Woo! Friday! I really miss the days of going to school two times a week for 8 hours a day, getting all my classes out of the way, and treating every day like it was Friday. When did I grow up? That’s enough twenty-something ramblings for today. I have something really exciting to tell you. I got a bike! I mentioned on my 25 Things Before 25 list that I would get another bike, but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Still, two wheels are better than four, right? It’s an awesome Diamondback Vital 2LX hybrid women’s bike ... Read More »

Altamonte is Fitness Found

Dear FitFluential, I totally got my title from you. Or, as we like to say in the blogger community, I was inspired. In all seriousness, Altamonte Springs is a health and fitness mecca. In my last post, I said there were at least a dozen gyms around here. In reality, it’s probably much more. Between all the Groupons and Living Socials offering amazing daily deals on any type of exercise you could imagine, from TRX to stand up paddleboarding, and the health food stores and vitamin shops on every corner, it has to be impossible to stay UNhealthy living here. It’s ... Read More »

Weekend Wrapup: Foodie Pen Pals

Good morning! Today’s weekend wrapup will be a little different, since I already told you about my 5K race, which was easily the most exciting thing to happen. Instead, I’m revealing my Foodie Pen Pal today! I’ve seen everyone writing about the awesome boxes they receive on reveal day, and last month I decided I had to be a part of it. The person we send to is different than the person we receive from, and when I saw that I was receiving from Sarah of Zoe’s Lunchbox, I couldn’t be happier! She packs the most fun, innovative, and delicious ... Read More »

Weekend Wrapup: Good Food & Fitness

Do you ever wake up with that confused feeling on Monday morning trying to figure out if it’s still the weekend or if you have to go to work? I definitely did this morning. Fortunately, I had a satisfying, relaxing weekend to hold me over until next Friday. Friday After work, Troy and I did this 550 Killer Reps workout from BodyRock. I love the old BodyRock workouts where they only use body weight and hadn’t started using equipment like sand bags and bars yet. My time was around 28 minutes, but I didn’t do all 50 walkover pushups. I did ... Read More »

Farmers Market Finds: Union Street

Good morning! When I got back from the Central Florida Bloggers Conference this weekend, I mentioned that I’d be taking this blog in a new direction soon. One of the speakers at the conference really opened my mind up to new sources for content, and inspired me to focus on some of the amazing local things Gainesville has to offer. Instead of complaining about not having a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, I want to praise Gainesville for its farmers markets. We have six weekly! We may live in a small country town, but with ample land and resources surrounding ... Read More »

Vegan for a Week

It’s halfway through the week and I’m having a great hair day! What’s not to be happy about? Today is also the third day I’ve been on a vegan diet. About a week ago, I mentioned that I’m doing The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush and part of the preparation is a week of clean eating. For this particular cleanse, it means: No animal products No fried foods No overeating No cold food or drinks (I didn’t know this until I read the book, but cold food and drinks actually slow down your liver function!) At the end of the ... Read More »

Insanity Update: Fit Test 2

I’ve officially stuck with Insanity for two weeks! Technically, it’s been 3 weeks, but I’ve done two weeks worth of workouts. This is probably the longest I’ve followed a program, mainly because I’m actually seeing results and not getting bored. The first step of Insanity is taking a fit test, where you do as many reps as possible of 8 different exercises for one minute each. You write down your results and take the test every two weeks to track your progress. I was supposed to have already been on Week 3, but Whitney’s visit messed up all my workout ... Read More »