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Fitness for Two – an introduction to exercise and pregnancy

Baby and Fitness

Pregnancy and childbirth are amazing. Bringing a new life into the world is miraculous and while every pregnancy is different, there is no doubt that it can be a hard nine months ending in a physical challenge that most Olympic athletes would think twice about! While this article is by no means meant to replace the advice of a qualified medical practitioner, such as your doctor or midwife, it’s worth knowing that exercise during pregnancy offers the following benefits… Improved circulation/fewer varicose veins Reduced oedema (swelling) Increased vitality and energy Stronger pelvic floor Eased post-partum recovery Reduced likelihood of developing ... Read More »

New Found Freetime: Using your Retirement to Improve your Quality of Life

New Found Free Time: Using your Retirement to Improve your Quality of Life Many people are hesitant to enter their retirement years because they believe that this symbolizes slowing down or having less of a purpose in life. However, in today’s world this idea could not be further from the truth, especially if you commit yourself to making the most of your twilight years. I nstead of allowing yourself to settle into a slow routine, you should look for opportunities to enrich your life while improving your physical and mental health. It is also a good idea to carefully consider ... Read More »

Post Accident Pain: Recognizing and Treating Whiplash

Your neck and head are among the two most sensitive areas of your body. When you sustain an injury to these regions, you could be in pain for several hours, if not days. This pain is particularly detrimental when you have sustained a whiplash injury to your head and neck. Knowing how whiplash is caused and what you should do when you sustain this damage can help you facilitate your physical and mental recovery afterward. Whiplash and Its Causes Whiplash often gets dismissed as little more than a crick in people’s necks or a bad headache that lasts for a ... Read More »

Disability & Working Out: How to Find the Gym That’s Right For You

Having a disability can make things a little more complicated in your life, but it does not have to prevent you from enjoying your life. There are ways to work around your disability. The trick is to do a little research and find ways to still enjoy what you love. One of the most common concerns that people who find themselves with a new disability have is going to the gym or staying in shape. This new disability can often prevent them from being as active as they once were, and they do not like the effects it is having ... Read More »

Damaging Effects of Chronic Alcohol Abuse on Health and Life

Alcohol affects the body both short-term and long-term. Chronic alcohol abuse has many damaging effects on health and on life. Read on for a few of the most serious consequences of chronic drinking. Chronic Alcohol Abuse and Health Long-term alcohol abuse has a surprising number of negative effects on health. Alcohol contains a lot of calories, so chronic drinkers are often overweight. This can lead to Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Excessive drinking harms the liver by turning some cells into fat and damaging others. Chronic heavy drinking causes scarring in the liver called cirrhosis, which ... Read More »

Helpful Tips for New Moms on Nursing Comfortably

Breast-feeding holds a host of powerful benefits for both you and your infant that includes disease and illness fighting nutrients, high IQ rate and better growth and development. However, nursing properly can take some getting used to. The following tips will ensure comfort and a higher success rate when introducing your infant to breast milk. Education Before you leave the hospital, you’ll want to enlist the help of a hospital nurse, as they will be able to teach you the right methods of successful nursing. This will also alleviate stress and anxiety that can be passed on down to your ... Read More »

Beating The Blues: Tips & Tricks For Boosting Mental Health

Women face many challenges today that their predecessors did not have to face. They must hold full time jobs, manage a home, care for children and/or aging parents, be a caring and responsive partner and manage to do all of this each and every day. It is easy to see why so many women claim to suffer from the “blues.” Feeling down can become harmful if a woman allows it to overtake her life. Instead of quickly overcoming the problem, it can continue to fester until it becomes a full-blown depression. This is why it is so important to address ... Read More »

Prescription Drugs: The Hidden Truth about Painkillers

  Prescription Drugs: The Hidden Truth about Painkillers  As drug companies concoct new prescriptions designed to kill or numb people’s worst health symptoms, it is no wonder then that more people today are relying on prescription medications on a daily basis. Combined with these prescriptions’ low costs, and with many mainstream pharmacies offering painkillers for sale under the $10 mark, more people who perhaps should not have access to these drugs often cannot make it through a day without taking several doses of high-powered medications. While most of the public can handle taking prescription painkillers responsibly, other people are at ... Read More »

When Declining Health Demands a Change: Five Ways to Seek a Better Tomorrow

Health is an easy thing to take for granted. When you are healthy and happy for long periods of time, you grow used to a level of satisfaction in your life that can easily be taken away upon the onset of health problems. No one wants to deal with unexpected pain and suffering, but facing these issues can sometimes have one benefit: It forces you to rethink your goals and commit to taking better care of yourself. 1. Create a Vision board Creating a vision board will help you keep your goals in mind as you go about your daily ... Read More »

Healthy Quinoa Tacos

There is nothing I like more than a good ‘ol Mexican Fiesta every now and again. Something about tacos, guacamole and spice just make me happy. It might have something to do with the fact that they are incredibly simple to make and everyone loves them. From family dinners to friend get-togethers, tacos make for a great meal idea. So what’s the catch? Turns out store bought taco kits aren’t exactly the healthiest for you. Ground red meat and heaps of cheese and sour cream are in fact, not good for you. Not to mention, the taco shells are fried. ... Read More »