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How To: 300 Abs, The Sequel

I’m already sore and beat from Insanity and I’ve only been doing it for two days! I can already tell it’s going to be an intense series and I can’t wait to see my body in 60 days. That’s all I’ll say about Insanity, since I’m sure you’ll be bored hearing about it for the next two months. I did, however, use some of the moves I learned yesterday to create the next ab routine in the 300 Reps for Perfect Abs series.

This one is more of a circuit and utilizes a lot more cardio moves, as opposed to the last one, which was a lot of laying down. The Sequel has a lot more dynamic moves that will strengthen your core and use more muscles in your arms and legs.

For detailed videos on how to do all the new exercises in this one, check out my new the 300 Abs Sequel playlist on my new YouTube channel. Don’t forget, abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym! All your hard work won’t mean a thing if you’re not eating healthy and keeping your body clean.

On that note, I had a huge tasty breakfast this morning. PB Finger’s post a few days ago reminded me how much I love eggs and made me wonder why I don’t make them more often. So today I made scrambled eggs with broccoli, onions, spinach, mushrooms and cheddar cheese, with a blueberry waffle on the side. It was quick and easy, but oh so delicious, and brought back memories of big Sunday morning breakfasts at my parents’ house.

Snack today is chopped up broccoli (leftover from breakfast), carrots and celery dipped into one of my favorite and easiest dips to make: 2 parts Greek yogurt + 1 part Dijon mustard. If you’ve never tried it before, whip up a small batch to take to work with a bit of fresh veggies. Lunch is leftovers from the lemon chili chicken and shrimp and a fresh salad. Lots of greens today, since I refuse to ruin all my hard work at the gym.


I’m wondering…


Have you tried the first 300 Reps for Abs? How effective do you think it is and are you going to try the second routine?

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I am a college student that is trying to stay physically fit and eat healthy. We all know how hard this is, so I am trying to post some tips, and get some discussions started so we can all learn from each other.

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  1. Very effective. I do the 300 ab workout every other day and for the last three months it has truly paid off. I am coupling the sequel with the first one for more intensity! Highly recommend this great 7-12 min ab and core work out!

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