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I Survived Insanity Day 1

Wow! I had the most intense workout today that I’ve had in a long time. I did Day 1 of Shaun T’s Insanity workout, followed by an intense 12-minute Crossfit WOD I found on BlondePonytail.com, modified for my gym.

Day 1 of Insanity is a fitness test. I did 8 exercises, as many reps in good form as possible for one minute, followed by one minute of rest. I’m supposed to take the fitness test every 2 weeks to gauge my progress, and I definitely didn’t expect it to feel like a whole workout. I encourage you to take the fit test whether you’re doing Insanity or following your own exercise plan, since it’s a great way to track your progress.

My results:

  • Switch kicks: 98
  • Power jacks: 40
  • Power knees: 80
  • Power jumps: 22
  • Globe jumps: 8
  • Suicide jumps: 15
  • Pushup jacks: 20
  • Low oblique planks: 41

I still had some energy left after the fit test, so I did this Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) I found on BlondePonytail.com. Since I don’t have kettle bells at my gym and it was raining, I did 15lb. dumbbell swings and sprinted for .10 miles on the treadmill. I completed a total of 4 rounds, but I could’ve done more had it not been for Insanity kicking my butt.

After the gym, I had to recharge with an awesomely healthy and flavorful meal. I made lemon chili chicken & shrimp on a bed of rice with a tropical salad. Unfortunately, I’m super beat, so look out for the recipe first thing tomorrow. Good night!

I’m wondering…


What’s your favorite food to recharge after an intense workout?

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