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Looking Beautiful in 10 Easy Steps

Everyone wants to be beautiful. We see beautiful people every day- on television, in the movies and on the pages of fashion magazines. In a world where good looks seem to be the ticket to happiness, it is easy to get caught up in the hype of fad diets, plastic surgery and expensive make-up and skin-care products. However, looking beautiful does not have to cost a fortune, or keep you from eating. True beauty is more than good looks, or a thin frame. It comes from feeling good about yourself, and taking care of the body you have, no matter what your size, shape or age. Below, you will find ten tips that will help you find true beauty.

1. Beauty Starts On the Inside

You cannot look beautiful if you are consuming an unhealthy diet. What you eat eventually breaks through, and affects how you look. If your diet is high in salt, fat and sugar, your skin will show it. Problems, such as oily skin, acne, and worsening of already irritated skin can usually be helped, or eliminated, by eating well. For fresh, beautiful skin, eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, green, leafy vegetables, fish, beans and lentils. A healthy diet will also boost your immune system, which will help to fight of disease and infection.

2. Natural Skin Care

Take a look at the skin-care products in any grocery, or department, store. They all claim to beautify the skin, erase blemishes, cure acne, and many other miracles. However, if you look at the ingredients, most skin-care products contain harsh chemicals, perfumes, and other ingredients that can leave skin dry, irritated and painful. Instead, opt for natural products that do not contain toxic chemicals, but instead contain natural ingredients derived from fruit and plants. Your skin will have a healthy, natural glow, instead of redness and irritation.

3. Hair: Your Crowning Glory

Nothing says beauty like a gorgeous head of hair. But, hair is delicate, and in our quest for lovely locks, we shampoo too often, use harsh hairdryers and trample our tresses with hot curlers, and hair straighteners. No wonder many women complain of dry, brittle, lifeless hair. To keep your hair looking its best, try these tips:

  • Use a gentle, natural shampoo. Products containing chemicals can dry out your hair, and take away its luster.
  • Let your hair air-dry whenever possible to avoid damage caused by hairdryers.
  • If you want highlights, forget the harsh dyes and bleach products, and go for some lemon juice and sunshine for light, natural-looking highlights.
  • Use an anti-frizz cream to tame split ends, and give hair a smoother look.
  • Brush your hair every night to improve circulation. Lean your head forward, and brush from roots to ends.
  • Get a haircut about every three months to remove split ends, and keep your hair looking well-maintained.

4. Don’t Hide Under Heavy Makeup

For centuries, women have used cosmetics to make themselves beautiful. Red lips, smoky eye-shadows, false eyelashes and heavy foundation are thought to create the illusion of beauty, and to cover up imperfections. However, The ingredients in common cosmetics can do just the opposite, clogging pores, drying out the skin and causing allergies and irritation. If your skin is healthy, all you need is a light powder-based foundation, mascara and natural-colored lip gloss for a clean, fresh look. In today’s fashion world, less is definitely more.

5. Drink Healthy Liquids

We have all heard it before: drink eight glasses of water each day for optimal health. This is actually true. Water can help to flush away harmful toxins, and gives your skin a natural glow. Keeping your body hydrated will keep your skin looking smooth and healthy, instead of dry and wrinkled. It is best to avoid alcoholic drinks, as they tend to age the skin, making you look years older.

6. Exfoliate

Each day, your body replaces old skin cells with new, healthy ones. This can leave your skin dry, flaky and rough. To get that smooth, healthy look over your whole body, exfoliate your skin about twice each week. There is no need to use pricey exfoliants from a department store. Exfoliating can be as easy as squeezing a small amount of body wash on a loofah, or bath puff, and scrubbing over the entire body. Your skin will look great and feel touchable smooth.

7. Moisturize Daily

Since the skin can become dry and flaky, due to cold weather, too much sun and harsh skin products, it is important to moisturize with a good moisturizer each day. Your skin will remain soft, and keep the effects of aging at bay.

8. Eyebrow Beauty

This is a simple beauty must. Nothing ruins a healthy, fresh look like a bushy uni-brow. The easiest way to get rid of stray hairs is to get them waxed professionally, which usually costs under twenty dollars. To pluck them yourself, look for a guide that shows eyebrow shapes that compliment your face shape. Great eyebrows open up your whole face and compliment your eyes!

9. Act Beautiful

You cannot exude beauty if you walk with your head down, and shoulders slumped. Instead, hold your head high, practice good posture and walk with confidence. You will be surprised at the difference these things make. And, don’t forget to smile!

10. Fresh Air and Exercise

We all need fresh air and exercise to keep fit, and stay healthy. But many people do not recognize the benefits regular exercise has on the skin. Have you ever noticed that healthy glow on the skin of someone who just finished a five-mile hike, or a vigorous bike ride? The extra oxygen you breathe in, as well as the exercise involved, will keep you healthy on the inside as well.

It is clear that beauty is not only skin deep. True beauty, both inside and out, is available to anyone who wishes to find it. Try these tips, and see for yourself how beautiful you will look and feel!

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