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Motivation In Different Places

I love finding new ways to stay active outside the gym that I can do every day. Having two large dogs is a huge motivator to get off the couch and move around when I’m not spending time in the gym. Instead of just sitting around watching TV, I’m constantly walking dogs, playing tug and chasing around two very unpredictable pit bulls.

My first dog is Trina, a beautiful 4-year-old chocolate pit bull.  She’s my running buddy when I’m up for it, but our runs only last as far as she can go. She had two ACL/MCL surgeries last year and the vet says she’s a bit too much of a Tootsie Roll. She’s trying to lose 5lbs, so she motivates me to take more walks, go for more runs outdoors, and do more cardio than I normally would.

One place I love to take Trina is the Devil’s Millopper State Park. It’s a giant 10,000-year-old sinkhole that you can descend 120-feet into, which makes for a great workout once you’ve walked it a couple times.

With Trina at Devil’s Millhopper

My second dog is a wonderful 8/9-month-old pit bull puppy we’ve been fostering for a month. Chase is lanky, awkward, and just learned potty training. Since he has to be walked 4-5 times a day, I’m off the couch and outside more than ever. Chase also goes to Totally Pit Bull training class on Thursdays, which means I skip the the gym that day. Fortunately, training a wiggly puppy for an hour and a half makes for a decent workout.

It’s a lot easier to stay active when it’s part of your daily responsibilities. Some other ways to stay active without hitting the gym include cleaning, doing laundry and walking up and down the stairs when you can.

I live in a townhouse, so I always challenge myself to go up and down the stairs an extra time whenever I need something upstairs or when I’m getting ready in the mornings. Light cleaning and unpacking groceries can burn 100 calories an hour, and moving furniture can burn up to 300 calories. Moving season is coming up this August, and moving boxes up and down stairs will burn up to 500 calories an hour! For a complete list of calories burned doing household activities, visit CalorieLab.


I’m wondering…


No matter what you’re doing around the house, as long as you’re moving, you’re contributing to your health. What are some ways that you sneak fitness into your every day routines?

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