Physique 57 in NYC

Wheeeeere haaaave yooooou beeeen? Not only do I have that song stuck in my head, but I’m sure some of you are wondering where I’ve been. The short answer is New York, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Orlando in less than 4 days. I’ve been on a plane, on a ferry, in a subway, and in a hotel. And it’s been hectic. I still haven’t sorted through all my New York pictures, and so much happened that I’ll save that pic dump for another day. Today I want to tell you about an AMAZING group fitness class I took while I was ... Read More »

National Share the Health Day

Yesterday, The Vitamin Shoppe promoted healthy living by celebrating the 2nd annual National Share the Health Day. Stores across the country offered activities like fitness and yoga classes, expert advice, and gave out free goodie bags to health-conscious consumers. I had the opportunity to visit one of the celebrations at The Vitamin Shoppe at 655 6th Ave in NYC, where Mario Lopez was promoting health and fitness. Mario spoke about the importance of staying healthy in the upcoming cold months, and gave advice on achieving your health and fitness goals. My friend Alexandra, a reporter for Fox News Latino, interviewed Mario on his suggestions ... Read More »

Greetings from New York!

Well, New Jersey, technically. It’s where I’m staying, but I’ll be in NYC as much as I possibly can on this trip. I got back from training on Tuesday night, and first off, I’m so excited to be moving to Orlando! But I’ll save that for another post, since the next few days I’m going to be going gushing New York excitement. Troy was helping me pack, and by “helping,” I mean staring in amazement at my technique. He said that no matter where guys go, it takes them 5 minutes to pack because it’s always the same thing, and ... Read More »

Meanwhile, in Orlando…

Hi there! I’ve been AWOL for a while, and with good reason. There’s been so much going on that the blog has kind of taken a back seat, and I apologize for that. For those of you still reading and awaiting my news, I sincerely thank you. If you follow my Twitter, you may have picked up on a few hints here and there regarding Orlando. Well, it’s official! I’m moving to Orlando! I was offered a job last week and asked to started training immediately, so I sit here, typing this from the Hilton at Altamonte Springs. I’m here ... Read More »

Farmers Market Finds: Tioga Monday Market

Happy Wednesday! The week has hardly started, and I have some exciting news to share with you… but I may just keep you guessing, since today’s focus is on something a little different. This is Part 2 in a series on Gainesville’s many fabulous farmers markets. If you missed it, check out Part 1 on the Union Street Farmers Market. Tioga Monday Market On Monday, I stopped by the Tioga Town Center to visit their Monday Market, which features vegetables, crafts, organic food, fruits and local specialties. This week, it was pretty small, but the growers explained to me that ... Read More »

Weekend Wrapup: Foodie Pen Pals

Good morning! Today’s weekend wrapup will be a little different, since I already told you about my 5K race, which was easily the most exciting thing to happen. Instead, I’m revealing my Foodie Pen Pal today! I’ve seen everyone writing about the awesome boxes they receive on reveal day, and last month I decided I had to be a part of it. The person we send to is different than the person we receive from, and when I saw that I was receiving from Sarah of Zoe’s Lunchbox, I couldn’t be happier! She packs the most fun, innovative, and delicious ... Read More »

Gainesville Beer Run 5K Recap

Hi there! I’ve been silent for a few days, but I’m getting back on the blogging bandwagon now that I have something exciting to share with you. Unfortunately, someone is trying to stop me. On Friday I ran my first official 5K! Technically, it was my first official 2.6 mile race, but more on that little screw-up later. I woke up at the crack of dawn and ate a bowl of oatmeal to hold me over until lunch in Orlando. Unfortunately, I was running late, so by the time I was done with my interview, it was 2:30. I ate ... Read More »

Weekend Wrapup: Good Food & Fitness

Do you ever wake up with that confused feeling on Monday morning trying to figure out if it’s still the weekend or if you have to go to work? I definitely did this morning. Fortunately, I had a satisfying, relaxing weekend to hold me over until next Friday. Friday After work, Troy and I did this 550 Killer Reps workout from BodyRock. I love the old BodyRock workouts where they only use body weight and hadn’t started using equipment like sand bags and bars yet. My time was around 28 minutes, but I didn’t do all 50 walkover pushups. I did ... Read More »

1 Week ‘Till 5K!

Happy Friday! By this time next week, I’ll be jittering nervously at my desk, anticipating the 5K ahead of me. I can’t believe that 6 weeks of training have already gone by, and I can now run 2.5 miles straight! With all my heart irregularities, asthma, shin splits, etc., I never though I’d be able to say that, much less do it. So this is a big deal for me. I tried out some ENERGYbits a couple weeks ago to see if they would help me with endurance while running, and the reps were so curious to see how my ... Read More »

Farmers Market Finds: Union Street

Good morning! When I got back from the Central Florida Bloggers Conference this weekend, I mentioned that I’d be taking this blog in a new direction soon. One of the speakers at the conference really opened my mind up to new sources for content, and inspired me to focus on some of the amazing local things Gainesville has to offer. Instead of complaining about not having a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, I want to praise Gainesville for its farmers markets. We have six weekly! We may live in a small country town, but with ample land and resources surrounding ... Read More »