Memory Problems, Weight Gain, or Depression? Could Be Your Thyroid

People have lives today that are busier than ever. With schedules full of work and personal obligations, it is not surprising that doctors report that people today struggle with exhaustion, body aches, depression, and memory problems. However, if these ailments are not helped by resting or taking a break from your busy schedule, it could be time for you to consider other causes for your physical ailments.   Your thyroid, a gland that is vital to your physical wellness and mental stability, can cause a variety of health problems if it stops working as it should. Thyroid malfunction can be ... Read More »

Five Unique Fitness Workouts

five unique fitness workouts

Unique Fitness Ideas Are you tired of the same old workout routines? Yeah, there are a lot of different DVDs or online workout programs you can follow, but ultimately are they any different from each other? It’s time for something new. Some of the latest exercises that people have been able to come up with are just plain weird, but extremely effective. Give them a try! Difficulty rated from 1 – 5 1. Total stair workouts (difficulty – 1) Total workouts on the stairs can be done by just about anyone that can find a staircase somewhere. These exercises can ... Read More »

Dangerous New Diet: Skinny Drinking and Vapor Alcohol

Dangerous New Diet: Skinny Drinking and Vapor Alcohol Most alcoholic beverages contain more than 100 calories per serving, and this can be a distressing fact for individuals who want to experience the effects of drinking without increasing their daily caloric intake. Therefore, a new trend has begun to increase in popularity that prevents people from ingesting the calories in their favorite adult beverage. Unfortunately, this trend is also causing severe health complications, and it can still lead to a DUI arrest. In fact, doctors around the country have issued warnings against engaging in the new fad of inhaling alcoholic beverages. ... Read More »

A Short Cut to Conventional Weight Loss

People who are interested in losing weight may already have experienced trying to do so through diet or exercise and, if so, are probably aware of how difficult and frustrating it can sometimes be. Conventional weight loss takes daily planning and commitment to a lifestyle change, not back-and-forth dieting. The most important thing to ensure to do when attempting to lose weight is to have realistic expectations–working out until you are sore for days or depriving yourself of too many foods or trying to cut all of your favorite foods out of your diet is a recipe for failure. This ... Read More »

Don’t Let a Caffeine Buzz Ruin Your Evening Snooze

caffeine before bed

As you know, caffeine is a stimulant found in a number of beverages, with the most famous culprit being coffee. Some consume caffeinated beverages purely for the taste, while others have a borderline addiction. The thing to remember about caffeine is that it alters the nervous system, hence the super-charged feeling you get post-consumption. Caffeine helps keep you alert and awake, especially when additional rejuvenation is needed for work or school. It is not surprising that caffeine has been classified as one of the most popular drugs in the world. However, what many may not know is that despite the ... Read More »

4 Apps To Help You Get Bikini Ready In No Time

bikini ready exercises

Once the weather warms, everyone’s thoughts turn to the pool. When temperatures rise, the layers are shed and there is no more room to hide winter weight gain. In today’s world, it is easier than ever to find high-quality fitness tools that will help you shed those winter pounds and reveal a bikini-ready body in just a few weeks. These four apps provide a variety of health-focused content that will keep you on track and ready to go before swimsuit season starts. GymPact Overview: Find it hard to get to the gym every day? No need to worry! GymPact will ... Read More »

Top 5 Fitness Equipment for Home Gym

If you’re looking to get fit in the comfort of your own home, you can speed up the process by selecting the best fitness equipment for your home gym. From stability balls to elliptical trainers, fitness equipment can be bought online with coupons for significant savings. Consider these top five fitness equipment for your home gym. 1.      Stability Ball The stability ball is great for tightening the abdominal muscles and strengthening the back. For people who sit a lot, the stability ball is an excellent tool for helping to guard against back pain. The movement of the ball is helpful ... Read More »

Can the Ancient Aztec Diet Work in Today’s Modern World?

aztec diet

Medical columnist and physician Dr. Bob Arnot authored the NY Times best-seller, “The Aztec Diet Chia Power: The Superfood That Gets You Skinny and Keeps You Healthy,” a book that is making headlines as one of today’s most popular diets. Based on the chia seed –  a primary food source for the Aztecs – the diet eschews many of our beloved Westernized meals in lieu of ancient superfoods consumed by this once powerful people. Besides chia seeds, what are you eating on the Aztec Diet? Plenty of lean protein like turkey and fish along with beans, corn, vegetables, fruit, and grains including bulgar, quinoa and amaranth. It’s worth noting that ... Read More »

The One-Day Diet: Six Weight Loss Tips

one day diet

Registered dietitian Elisa Zied offers six simple weight loss tips in her “One-day Diet,” designed to impart useful strategies on some of the best ways to lose weight after a long weekend of over-indulging. Featured in a recent U.S. News Health article, her methods are meant to help dieters get back on the wagon with healthy eating habits, without taking drastic measures. She eschews “detox” juice fasts and other fad diets in lieu of sensible tips that you can incorporate in your everyday life. Zied stresses that there’s no need to adopt all of these strategies at once; rather pick and choose what works best for your lifestyle and see ... Read More »

What’s your motivation?

We’ve all been tempted by the snooze button, a few new additions to the DVR, or the threat of storm clouds to skip our daily run. As such, sometimes a little extra incentive is needed to get going. Once I lace up these beautiful purple NB’s, I’m out the door in a flash. What motivates you?   How you feel after a workout. I always feel great after a good workout. It’s an absolute high! Time for you.  I constantly make time to take care of others (co-workers, boss, significant other), but I don’t often make time to take care of myself. ... Read More »