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Physique 57 in NYC

Wheeeeere haaaave yooooou beeeen?

Not only do I have that song stuck in my head, but I’m sure some of you are wondering where I’ve been. The short answer is New York, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Orlando in less than 4 days. I’ve been on a plane, on a ferry, in a subway, and in a hotel. And it’s been hectic.

I still haven’t sorted through all my New York pictures, and so much happened that I’ll save that pic dump for another day. Today I want to tell you about an AMAZING group fitness class I took while I was in The City. (I can refer to it as “The City” now that I’ve been, right?)

A few months ago, Cait from CaitPlusAte linked me up with Physique 57 when I told her I’d be visiting New York. I’d heard of barre fitness classes, and I knew celebrities swore by them, but I was a little skeptical of their effectiveness since I’m heavy into cardio and weight lifting. Still, I needed to work out while I was there, and I figured since everyone was talking about it, it was worth a shot.

I visited Physique 57’s fabulous studio on 57th street, just a few minutes away from Times Square and Central Park, right off 5th Avenue. The studio was contemporary and cozy, and my instructor, Jessica, made me feel right at home.

She warned me that there were a lot details to pay attention to, and it’s so worth making sure you have proper form because 5 minutes into the workout, my butt was burning and my thighs were screaming for relief. The routine is based on Interval Overload, where you

use your body’s own weight as resistance, and through dynamic exercises, your muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue, then stretched for relief.


The hour-long session pushed me to my limit in a way that lifting and cardio couldn’t, and Jessica’s motivating words encouraged me to push through. She monitored my posture and gave me pointers to make sure I was doing everything correctly. The stretches in between the intense sets allowed me to recover just long enough before jumping into the next grueling series of movements.

After class, I thanked Jessica and got to pick her brain a little about Physique 57. She said that so many people underestimate the workout, but once they do it, they see how challenging it is and keep coming back. While it may be a bit pricey, I can see how this kind of exercise can transform your body in a short amount of time.

For two days, I felt that hurt-so-good soreness in my legs, abs, and arms.  Unfortunately, we don’t have Physique 57 in Florida, but if I lived in New York, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. It really was one of the most well-rounded workouts I’ve ever had. I had my share of strength from all the bodyweight movements, a ton of stretching from the relief breaks, and surprisingly, a good bit of cardio, as evidenced by the sweat I was dripping at the end.

If you’re looking for something different and engaging, without a single dull moment, I encourage you to give Physique 57 a shot. If you live in the city, stop by one of their studios and take a class. If there aren’t any locations near you, you can order a DVD and try it at home. And if it seems a bit expensive, but you still want to try it, pick up The Physique 57 Solution on Amazon (affiliate) for around $17. I’m getting the DVDs myself, and I can’t wait to show off the results I know I’ll accomplish.

Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary pass to a Physique 57 class during a visit to New York. All view and opinions are honest and entirely my own.


I’m wondering…


Have you ever tried a barre based workout? What are some unconventional fitness routines or classes you like to do?

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  1. Lol looks like a fun visit! Hope you’re getting settled okay!

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