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The Amazing Hash Brown Stack

I know it’s only Thursday, but I’m already excited for the weekend. Saturday night and Sunday I’m going to Cocoa Beach with Whitney and some of her friends. It’s been a year since I’ve seen the beach! So in all my excitement and because I’ll probably be AWOL again this weekend, I’d like to preemptively share a recipe for one of my favorite, easiest weekend breakfast ideas: the amazing hash brown stack. I love to make big breakfasts on the weekends. My mom got me started on this, since we only get two days a week to sit down with ... Read More »

Weekend Wrapup: Cocoa Beach

Two days off in 4 days? Really? Yep! I had Friday off and I’m fortunate to have today off also, after working 11 days straight. This might just count as a weekend. On Friday, Tabatha and I decided to make it a beach day, because that’s just what you do on a winter day in Florida. I had never been to Cocoa Beach, and I heard it was the best (and closest) beach near Orlando, so I picked up Tabby around 11am and we headed out. On the drive there, it was a bright and sunny 75 degrees, but when ... Read More »

Had My Cake And Ate It Too

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Mine is going great so far, but I’m only halfway through Saturday and already thoroughly exhausted. Troy and I had fun at his birthday dinner last night, and did the whole cake and candles thing when we got home. I was racking my brain all day yesterday thinking of a dessert to get and I finally decided on Carvel ice cream cake because who doesn’t love ice cream cake? Doesn’t that look amazing? Well, it was. It brought me back to the days of elementary school and kids’ birthday parties, when we ... Read More »

Why Does Bad Food Taste So Good?

I ate cake last night. And when I was about to go in for a second helping, two of my faithful friends called me a whale at the exact same time. So no cake seconds for me, which is a huge accomplishment considering I’m usually unstoppable with dessert. Ironically, every time I eat cake or ice cream or anything with a lot of sugar or dairy, I get really sick. My stomach gets all knotted and I get nauseous and groggy and have no motivation to go about my day. But it’s so tasty, so against my better judgment, I ... Read More »