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Boots, Boats, But No Beach

Monday is off to a slow start after another fun, yet exhausting weekend. Whitney’s on her way back to Colorado in a few hours, and hopefully I’ll be making the trip to see her soon. I need to make an effort to post more throughout the weekend, because come Monday, I have all these ideas that I have no idea how to organize. Friday after work I scheduled a haircut, and was pretty unsure as to what I wanted until the very last minute. Actually, I’m still not sure, but here’s what I ended up with: It’s a lot shorter ... Read More »

Return of the 2-Day Cleanse

It’s the start of a new week, so I’m kicking off Monday with the start of my favorite cleanse. For the next two days, I’ll be doing the Look Better Naked 2-Day Cleanse from Women’s Health Mag. This isn’t so much a “cleanse” as a short diet and a quick way to lose some water weight. I love doing this cleanse because I never feel hungry or tired while I’m on it. In fact, I always feel more awake and have plenty of energy to maintain my workout routine. I made my berry smoothie this morning and felt full until ... Read More »

Weekend Wrapup: Miami Trip

Hey, there! I hope you had a great, relaxing weekend! I went to Miami on Friday and got back yesterday afternoon. Weekend trips to Miami tend to be really stressful for me because it’s a 5-hour drive down as soon as I’m off work Friday, then a Saturday crammed full of activities, then another 5-hour drive back Sunday. This time wasn’t so bad, but I’m pretty exhausted from all the driving and running around. We got in Friday night and I had a late dinner with my parents, and hung out with my mom, showing her how to do things ... Read More »

Insanity Update: Fit Test 2

I’ve officially stuck with Insanity for two weeks! Technically, it’s been 3 weeks, but I’ve done two weeks worth of workouts. This is probably the longest I’ve followed a program, mainly because I’m actually seeing results and not getting bored. The first step of Insanity is taking a fit test, where you do as many reps as possible of 8 different exercises for one minute each. You write down your results and take the test every two weeks to track your progress. I was supposed to have already been on Week 3, but Whitney’s visit messed up all my workout ... Read More »

How To: 300 Abs, The Sequel

I’m already sore and beat from Insanity and I’ve only been doing it for two days! I can already tell it’s going to be an intense series and I can’t wait to see my body in 60 days. That’s all I’ll say about Insanity, since I’m sure you’ll be bored hearing about it for the next two months. I did, however, use some of the moves I learned yesterday to create the next ab routine in the 300 Reps for Perfect Abs series. This one is more of a circuit and utilizes a lot more cardio moves, as opposed to ... Read More »

Had My Cake And Ate It Too

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Mine is going great so far, but I’m only halfway through Saturday and already thoroughly exhausted. Troy and I had fun at his birthday dinner last night, and did the whole cake and candles thing when we got home. I was racking my brain all day yesterday thinking of a dessert to get and I finally decided on Carvel ice cream cake because who doesn’t love ice cream cake? Doesn’t that look amazing? Well, it was. It brought me back to the days of elementary school and kids’ birthday parties, when we ... Read More »