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Divorce: 3 Ways to Improve your Kids Health

Even if they have contentious issues with each other, many divorcing couples still try to safeguard their children from the stress and fear that often goes along with getting divorced. Children whose parents are getting divorced often internalize feelings of shame and blame and in turn ruin their health because of the change and worry that is occurring in their households. When parents want to keep their kids protected and healthy during the divorce process, they can do so by approaching their divorce in the most objective manner possible. When they use objectivity and foresight, they can use these strategies ... Read More »

Circuit Training at Home

Image: miss_flynn Circuit training refers to any series of strength and cardiovascular exercises performed in a set rotation for two or three times with little rest between sets. Circuit training is excellent for people who want to lose weight while building strength and cardiovascular capabilities and is well suited for people who prefer to exercise at home. Convenient and Practical Because rest intervals between circuit training sets are minimized, your heart rate remains elevated throughout training, increasing the amount of calories you burn significantly. Circuit training burns 30 percent more calories than a “normal” weight workout. Rest periods between exercise stations ... Read More »