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3-Day Weekend

What a hectic weekend this was! I can’t believe yesterday was my first day off for non-medical reasons in a year. I’m glad I got to spend it floating down a river and eating BBQ with my boyfriend and two best friends.   I have so many recipes and photos to post, but I’ll try to stick to the most important things.   Chase Went to a New Home On Saturday, Chase went to his usual adoption day at PetSmart, where he found his new foster home. We felt really bad keeping him and Trina cooped up in our townhouse ... Read More »

Using My Blog for Good

Happy Friday! This weekend is super exciting for me because my best friend Whitney is coming into town Saturday and I have Monday off, so it’s a much-needed mini vacation for me! Before I get ahead of myself, first things first. This is a very important weekend for the pit bull rescue I work with, Phoenix Animal Rescue. They’re in the running to win $1000 from Pet Food Direct and need YOUR help to win 1st place. I ask you to take 2 minutes today to skip over one link on Pinterest, or to not read the rest of my ... Read More »

My Archenemy, The Pullup

Only one more day till Friday! Sadly, this rain is trying to thwart my weekend plans, and all I wanted to do was find a nice, cool body of water to swim in. I’ve been trying to swim at least once a week, but the pools around here are feeling more and more like bathwater every day. It’s like swimming laps in your own sweat. -.- Swimming is one of the most efficient ways I can think of to get cardio in and improve my upper body strength, especially my shoulders and back. I used to say I didn’t want ... Read More »

Motivation In Different Places

I love finding new ways to stay active outside the gym that I can do every day. Having two large dogs is a huge motivator to get off the couch and move around when I’m not spending time in the gym. Instead of just sitting around watching TV, I’m constantly walking dogs, playing tug and chasing around two very unpredictable pit bulls. My first dog is Trina, a beautiful 4-year-old chocolate pit bull.  She’s my running buddy when I’m up for it, but our runs only last as far as she can go. She had two ACL/MCL surgeries last year ... Read More »