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Healthy Quinoa Tacos

There is nothing I like more than a good ‘ol Mexican Fiesta every now and again. Something about tacos, guacamole and spice just make me happy. It might have something to do with the fact that they are incredibly simple to make and everyone loves them. From family dinners to friend get-togethers, tacos make for a great meal idea. So what’s the catch? Turns out store bought taco kits aren’t exactly the healthiest for you. Ground red meat and heaps of cheese and sour cream are in fact, not good for you. Not to mention, the taco shells are fried. ... Read More »

WIAW: 2-Day Cleanse and Supplements

If you took the Don’t Be A Turkey challenge, congratulations! You made it! I got through the 2 day cleanse with only a teeny bitty bit of cheating. I ate some Wasa crackers with my lunches both days since I’ve been so sick and needed the extra nutrients. The 2 day cleanse definitely works as promised with helping you feel lighter and more energized. I woke up this morning surprisingly deflated and feeling less bloated and heavy than I have since before Thanksgiving. For those of you that took the challenge, how did you do? Did it help you feel ... Read More »

Waking Up Early From a Deep Sleep

Last night I set my alarm for 6:30, laid out my workout clothes, and went to bed early with every intention of waking up early and getting ready for my 3 mile run.  See the end of the post to see if you have any sleep disorder symptoms. Did that happen? Nope. Not when you have this face to wake up early to: That’s actually an old picture, but it’s the same adorable yawning sleepy face. It was still dark and in a very deep sleep out when my alarm went off, which probably had something to do with the lack of ... Read More »