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Fruit Infused Water – Use Your Fruit as Ice

Fruit Infused Water

Trying to stay away from soda and juice? Ever realize just HOW soda and juice are equally unhealthy for you? Researchers compared the nutritional stats of apple juice with those of a can of cola. About one cup of apple juice contains 110 calories and an eye-popping 26 grams of sugar. These calorie and sugar counts are almost identical to what you’d find in the same size serving of cola. Not only are these drinks filled with empty calories and sugar…but they can affect your health and many people (especially parents) are surprised to learn that soda (even diet soda) ... Read More »

Drinking Water For A Healthier And Fitter Body  

Drinking Water

Have you ever stopped and thought about the miraculous liquid of water that gives and maintains life? Well, although it is invisible to many eyes which look for artificial drinks, water can give you many benefits to live a healthier life. Water has the power to keep your bodily functions balanced, control the amount of calories that you take, energize you from within, add a glow to your skin and, keep your kidneys healthy and happy as well. This article will take you through some important benefits you can gain by drinking an ample amount of water. After reading them, it ... Read More »