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Morning Workout Routines To Stay Healthy

Morning Workout Routines

The perfect morning workout routine gives you the energy and the pump you need to get going throughout the day, helping you to stay fit and healthy in the long run. Good start means a good ending too, so there’s your motivation to start your morning workout routine that has been in your new year resolutions each year but never put into practice! You have all heard not to oversleep and it’s equally important not to lose sleep. Make sure that you get enough sleep. Your body needs to rest after a long day and this helps you with the next ... Read More »

5K: Getting There

There are only 17 days left till the Gainesville Beer Run 5K! I was looking at my calendar yesterday, and up until now I thought I’d be able to complete the full Couch to 5K 8-week plan. Then I realized I’d only be starting week 8 the day of the race, so now it’s more important than ever that I don’t miss a day. Yesterday I completed day 3 of week 5. I hadn’t run at all since Thursday, so I thought this would be a tough one. 5 minutes walking warmup 20 minutes (or 2 miles) running 5 minutes ... Read More »