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Tips for a Healthy Trip

Travel breaks exercise and Nutritiondiet routines making it hard to keep on track with a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These tips will help you enjoy your trip without ruining your health.


Eat before going to the terminal to skip the processed, expensive and unhealthy foods served there. If you must eat during a layover, aim for salads or bring some healthy snack alternatives of your own. Instead of sitting, walk around and check out what the airport has available. Some airports have started catering to bored travelers by adding museum exhibits. To pressurize the cabin, the plane uses air with very low humidity. Skip diuretics like caffeine and alcohol to help combat the dryness that ensues.

Staying in the Hotel

It’s no secret that minibars are a high profit center for hotels, but a big part of their allure is their ready supply of alcohol and unhealthy snacks. End the temptation by refusing the key when you check in. Also, when you decide to take a trip to the restaurants, shops and attractions within walking distance, opt out of taking a car to fit in a little exercise while seeing the sights.

In the morning it is important to never skip breakfast. If your hotel offers a continental breakfast make sure that you make the right choices. Skip the donuts and sugary cereals at the continental breakfasts and fill up on fruit, eggs, oatmeal, and yogurt. These foods offer healthy nutrients that will help keep you going through the day.

Need a quick snack? All it takes to make oatmeal or soup is some boiling water from the in-room coffee maker, and fruits and vegetables can be kept in the fridge.  Even in remote areas, there should be a grocery store nearby where you can stock up on fresh foods.

Eating Out

There are several diet apps available that list a wide range of foods and menu items, letting you determine the calories in a restaurant meal. You can even read travelers reviews of the area to determine which restaurants offer healthy alternatives even if you are staying in one of the  Las Vegas hotels in the buffet capital of the world. Even without this aid, there are some words to look for when ordering. Words to look for: baked, boiled, broiled, fresh, grilled, high fiber, light, marinated, multi-grain, reduced, red sauce, roasted, steamed, vegetarian, vinaigrette, whole wheat. Words to avoid: basted, battered, bottomless, breaded, buttered, cheese, country style, covered, creamy, crunchy, fried, loaded, platter, smothered, stuffed. Stir-fried is fine as long as the dish isn’t covered in sweet or heavy sauces. Fat-free usually means high in sugar, and sugar-free usually means high in fat. Value might mean smaller potions or cheaper, less healthy food.

Also, generally speaking, more colorful foods usually have more vitamins and minerals, while brown foods are usually loaded with sugar and fat. All these things may seem like a lot to take in, but if you do your homework and study this information, you will be so very thankful on your return trip home.


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