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Training for Rugged Maniac!

Congratulations to all the Drink Chia! giveaway winners! I will contact the 13 of you this evening via e-mail for your mailing addresses. Please send them to me within 48 hours so I can submit them to the lovely folks at Drink Chia! Scroll down for the names of the winners!


I have so much to tell you about everything that’s been going on this past week! My health has taken a huge turn for the better, and my fitness is at the highest level it’s ever been, but I’ll fill you in on what exactly I’ve been doing over the weekend.

The big news for today is the in less than two weeks, I’m running my first mud obstacle race, Rugged Maniac! The awesome organizers were generous enough to offer me an entry to the race, and it honestly couldn’t have been a more perfect first mud run.

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First off, the event I’m doing is in GAINESVILLE!

Well, not technically, but it’s just a little north of Gainesville at the Waldo Motorsports Park. So not only is it in a mud run near my favorite college town, but it’s at a motocross track! The event I’m doing is on February 16th, but it marks the start of a long season of epic Rugged Maniac races.

Second, my best friend Abby is doing the race! She’s the one who told me about it, and I’m so excited because it’s usually impossible to organize my friends for things like this. Plus, I have a great excuse to go back to Gainesville to visit my friends.

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One thing that caught my attention about this particular race is the level of difficulty. Rugged Maniac has TWENTY obstacles on an intense 5K course, while other races I’ve seen only have a few. Plus, the North Florida one is sure to be even more exhausting, taking place on the constant up-and-down dirt bike track.

Rugged Maniac seems like it’s going to not only kick my butt, but put a severe hurting even on the most seasoned athletes. While it’s tough, participators of any fitness level are sure to have a blast jumping over fire pits and going down the Suicide Slide.



I know that ten days isn’t a long time to train, so I’m going harder than ever to prepare myself. I’ve been going to Crossfit and participating in WODs designed to help with my upper body strength and endurance. Last week, I did this circuit, which made me hurt so good for two days after:

  • 7 squat cleans
  • 4 handstand wall walk ups
  • 400m run
  • 3 rounds for time

Rugged Maniac also features an EXCELLENT training plan on their site, something I haven’t seen other races offer. It’s an awesome, well-rounded plan that focuses on both strength and endurance training, helping you achieve the level of physical fitness necessary to succeed at the race.

Although I don’t have the recommended 5 weeks to prep, I’m making the most of what I have, with intense strength training 4 days a week, followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio. On my “non-training” days, I’m doing lower intensity training, abs, yoga, or outdoorsy activities, so I can kill it the day of my race.


I highly encourage everyone thinking of doing a mud run to try this one. The obstacles look tough, the training will get you in great shape, and most importantly, everyone in the pictures looks like they’re having a blast! Grab a friend, or ten, and sign up for a race near you. The earlier you register, the more money you save, so start planning a team today!

Disclaimer: Rugged Maniac generously provided me with a free entry to the February 16th event in North Florida, but all the research and opinions are completely my own. All photos and logos in this post are courtesy of Rugged Maniac.


I’m wondering…


Have you ever done an obstacle/ mud race? What tips or tricks do you have to share? Looking back, what are your biggest Do’s and Don’ts?


Drink Chia! Giveaway Winners

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Keep an eye out Thursday evening for my e-mail! Congratulations!

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  1. That looks fun! I’ve done a mud race with natural obstacles, but no man-made. It was a lot of fun! Not sure I have any advice – other than have fun!

    Also, I see an Alex in the list of winners – but I didn’t get an email? Maybe it’s not me, but thought I’d check :).

    Good luck with the training!

  2. Hello Olga!
    Good Luck with the race.. 🙂
    I could never do one myself.. have to become fit first.. planning to follow your blog closely!
    My name was picked in the giveaway 🙂 but I did not get an email.. I checked my spam too ..
    Please let me know if I should send you my info here..

  3. Soooo excited! Only one week away!!

  4. That’s neat! I have a goal to do something like that too this spring. Good luck!

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