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Tuesday Tips: Lunch Break Workouts

Hey! Just to give you a quick update: I’ve been working 6 days a week, and between work and working out, I’ve been spending 9-10 hours at the gym a day. I’m even there on my days off working out. Is that the definition of gym rat? :-/

So please bear with me while I, yet again, figure out a new job/ blogging/ gym routine that fits my crazy schedule. In the meantime, I want to get back to doing the Tuesday Tips, and what more fitting topic for today than fitting in a lunch workout during your busy schedule?

Save More Time During Lunch Break Workouts

There are tons of articles out there on what to eat if you’re working out during lunch, and how to plan the workout to maximize time, so my tips assume you’re already doing that. I’d like to share with you some extra shortcuts I’ve found that save me even more time when I’m trying to squeeze so much into 60 minutes.

1. Plan your meals and snacks in advance. Pack a protein bar or a protein drink to have about an hour before your lunch break. KIND bars are great too, since they give you a sustained burst of energy for about an hour. Bring a bag brown lunch that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, like a sandwich or a wrap that you can eat on your way back from the gym.


2. Pick a gym close to your to work out at. This seems intuitive, but some people can only go to a specific location near their house, so there’s another option where you don’t have to join another gym. Groupon Now offers 1 day deals on classes you can take, usually around $5 or $7. Pick a class at a gym near your job, if available, to knock out a quick workout and cut down on drive time.

3. For the ladies, I’ve found a few hair tricks that save me some time. Always wear a looser-fitting, wide headband to absorb as much sweat as possible and to keep you from getting that skinny headband crease on the top of your head. I like to cut off the sleeves off my t-shirts and fold them into headbands, which work great.


3½. Another hair tip: dry shampoo. I haven’t tried it personally, but I have a few fast-paced friends that swear by it. They say it lets them skip washing their hair and makes it not feel as greasy as usual post-workout. Also, another good way to keep your hair from getting oily and creased is to loosely braid it and tie with a soft scrunchy.

4. A few weeks ago, I was sent a box of Shower Pill athletic wipes to review. Branded as a “hygiene supplement,” this handy 9×8 inch, thick and durable wipe is the perfect solution to the dreaded gym shower.


This is easily where I’ve been saving the most time since I don’t have to spend 10-15 minutes showering after a workout, or waiting for a shower if the gym is crowded. They’re “proven to kill germs yet safe on sensitive skin and infused with moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E,” according to their Web site.


How well do they work? Pretty amazing. Troy and I have both used them instead of a shower after our pre-work workout, and didn’t offend a single person during an 8-hour shift. You dry quickly, too, and it leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. For only $9.99 for a 10-pack on Amazon, the extra dollar a workout is well worth the time I save.

5. As for the workout itself, you have two options here, depending on how much you want to sweat. If you’re all for getting in the best workout in the least amount of time possible, I suggest a plyo circuit with Tabata timing. You’ll have worked up a sweat in 20 minutes, which leaves plenty of time for stretching. Also, the HIIT intervals allow you to keep burning fat long after you leave the gym.

Tabata Training Ideas

If you’re not in the mood to be too sweaty, try a workout that focuses on strengthening and toning a specific muscle group, such as this Do-A-Pull Up workout, that targets your back, biceps, shoulders and chest.

Do a pullup workout

6. If possible, schedule your meetings for the morning, so you don’t have to worry about looking 100% when you get back to the office.

I hope this helps you maximize your lunch break workouts. If you haven’t tried one yet, hopefully these tips show you that it can be done, with just a little planning and preparation.


I’m wondering…


How do you save time when you’re crunched to squeeze in a workout?

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