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Oral Care Tips

Oral Care Tips

  Beauty of a woman consists of many things such as a fit and healthy body, a pleasing personality and of course, good hygiene habits. It does not matter what a sexy figure you have and how beautifully you make up is done, bad breath and an ill maintained set of teeth can completely break your confidence and looks. Oral care should be one of the top priorities in your overall hygienic habits. This article will give you some useful oral care tips to that you can easily add into your lifestyle for a fresher, happier and more pleasant version ... Read More »

Tuesday Tips: 6 Healthy Change-Ups

Hey! I know it’s been a while, but hopefully you understand why my posting has been a little sporadic with trying to adjust to a new work schedule. Fortunately, I think I’m getting back to something manageable and I get to work 8-4 all week, which means I get off with plenty of time for errands, working out, and of course, blogging. As part of my job, I went to a health fair this weekend to promote the club. It was located at a medical institute, with several doctors lecturing throughout the course of two days. I got to talk ... Read More »