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Using My Blog for Good

Happy Friday!

This weekend is super exciting for me because my best friend Whitney is coming into town Saturday and I have Monday off, so it’s a much-needed mini vacation for me!

Before I get ahead of myself, first things first. This is a very important weekend for the pit bull rescue I work with, Phoenix Animal Rescue. They’re in the running to win $1000 from Pet Food Direct and need YOUR help to win 1st place. I ask you to take 2 minutes today to skip over one link on Pinterest, or to not read the rest of my post, and visit Facebook to vote.

Phoenix does so much for their dogs, from rescues and medical treatments to adoptions and housing dogs through their retirements. They’re one of the most amazing groups I’ve ever had the honor of working with, and I know $1000 would go so far.


The Details

Scout has been picked as one of the Top 10 Pets of Summer finalists! Everyone can Vote once per day now through July 29! Just click here, like the page, then scroll down to VOTE NOW. A list of 10 doggies and their rescues will come up. Find Scout and Phoenix Animal Rescue. He is a Pit Mix sitting on the edge of a pool (same picture as above.) Click on “like this.” You will be prompted to enter your email for verification. If this is your first time voting you will have to wait for a verification email and follow the link to place your vote again. After you confirm your email, you will only need to enter that email address in to vote each day until 7/29. It only needs to be verified the first time you vote.

Please help Scout win! He is currently in 2nd place and can use a lot of help since the first place doggie’s rescue has over 11,000 fans and Phoenix only has about 1,200. Please vote and share if you can!


Back to Food & Fitness

I’ve been AWOL for the last few days because this week’s been heccctiiiic. Whenever I’m expecting guests, especially ones I haven’t seen in awhile, my OCD kicks in and I have to clean everything. I love making lists so I have this long list of things that need to be accomplished before Whitney and her boyfriend get here on Sunday. I’m pretty sure half the things on the list don’t really need to be done, but my love for bullet points has taken over and now they must be crossed off.

Instead of going to the gym Wednesday, I chipped away at the list. I cleaned, rearranged furniture and acquired a shiny new futon from my coworker. Thursday morning I got up at 7am to do Insanity, thanks to this inspirational message from my alarm.

Waking up early only means one thing to me: enough time to make a big, healthy breakfast. I made a waffle topped with peanut butter and banana slices (taking it back to kindergarten) with a scrambled egg and an amaaazing banana, pineapple and nectarine smoothie.

For lunch I went downtown to get some fresh air and stopped in to Relish for a bunless chicken sandwich. Relish is this awesome burger joint Gainesville is blessed to have, where you can get all this for under $5.

Fresh grilled chicken breast atop a bed of lettuce, green peppers, red onions, olives, sprouts, tomatoes and black beans, with a side of jalapeno ranch and spicy boom boom sauce. You get to pick all the toppings as you go. The sauces alone probably destroy any nutritional value but… it’s just so sweet and spicy and delicious. *sigh*

And if eating out once wasn’t enough for the day, Troy and I went to Olive Garden for a quiet, lazy dinner. They’re doing a 2 for $25 deal right now, and we took advantage of it with unlimited breadsticks, two appetizers, two entrees, soup and salad. I didn’t take any pictures, but Troy ordered Chicken Alfredo and I had the Raviolo Di Portobello, which I highly recommend, plus it’s vegetarian. After we rolled ourselves out of there, we caught up on recorded shows and passed out, fully carbo-loaded.

And if that wasn’t enough carbs, someone brought bagels into work. Really? Bagels. No wheat ones, either. So I caved… because Friday, right?

Between all the cleaning, dog washing and shopping I have to do this weekend, I’m sure I can make up for some of my food indiscretions this week. Well, I can try.

If you’re still reading this, what are you doing?! Go vote! Please? 🙂


I’m wondering…


What are some causes you support? Did you vote for Scout today? Thank you and have a great weekend!


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