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Weekend Wrapup: Miami Trip

Hey, there! I hope you had a great, relaxing weekend!

I went to Miami on Friday and got back yesterday afternoon. Weekend trips to Miami tend to be really stressful for me because it’s a 5-hour drive down as soon as I’m off work Friday, then a Saturday crammed full of activities, then another 5-hour drive back Sunday. This time wasn’t so bad, but I’m pretty exhausted from all the driving and running around.

We got in Friday night and I had a late dinner with my parents, and hung out with my mom, showing her how to do things on her laptop. (I’m my parents’ tech support.)

Saturday morning at my parents’ house usually starts with a big breakfast, but my mom knows I’ve been trying to eat healthy, so she had lots of fruit prepared for me.

My mom made me an awesome bowl of oatmeal that puts my oats to shame. For some reason, I can never get my oatmeal to come out as good as my mom’s.

After breakfast, my mom and I went to see my eye doctor to return a pair of glasses that were too strong. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up with a replacement pair because we both agreed it’d be better to find a doctor in Gainesville who can do my follow-up.

Once we got the important stuff out of the way, we set out to do what girls do best: shop! We stopped by Target and Loehmann’s (my favorite Miami department store), and ended our trip at Marshall’s, which is my favorite discount retailer that we don’t have in Gainesville.

I stocked up on running shorts, and my mom bought me an adorable carry-on bag for my New York trip this fall.

Nothing beats a good pair of running shorts, and these were a steal at $8 a piece!

That bag is pretty amazing. It has a hidden handle and wheels and a million compartments. Just having it around makes me want to go on more trips.

I was planning on running after our shopping trip, but even at 6:30 pm, it was blazingly hot. I guess I’m just not used to the Miami heat anymore, so I did a Brazil Butt Lift-inspired workout instead.

Click here for an instructional YouTube playlist.

Saturday night in South Florida was dedicated to my best girl friends, who’ve moved away from Gainesville in recent years. Sheena (my old roomie), Laura, Shanae and I got together at Sheena’s place around 9. I brought Trina to play with her best friend, Loki, Sheena’s 3-year-old pit. I didn’t get any pics of the two of them, but this is the from when they lived together:

100% puppy love. It was so great to see them reunited, even though Trina spent most of her time stealing Loki’s toys and barking at the dying smoke detector battery.

When we were under a hurricane watch a few weeks ago, Sheena apparently got a ton of board games and candles (because that’s what you do to prepare for hurricanes in South Florida.)

Accompanied by cheap wine in plastic cups, we played Apples to Apples and somehow transitioned to the Jersey Shore trivia game.

This had to be the worst game ever, but that’s what you do on girls night. After it nearly put us to sleep, we sat around catching up till the wee hours.

We were back on the road Sunday a little after 12, and just barely made it home in time for most of the Packers- 49ers game. I never thought I’d be so excited for football, but my fantasy team won!

Sweet. Victory.

This win was CRAZY too because I had a dream last week that I should play my #5 defense, the Eagles, instead of my starting #1 defense, the 49ers. In the dream, I saw a number 9 next to the Eagles. Well, I put the Eagles in, and sure enough, they scored 9 more points than the 49ers. Creepy, right?

My fantasy game was over at 8, but Troy and I stayed up to watch the Steelers- Broncos game. I passed out in the 4th quarter, so I guess I was more pooped from the trip than I imagined.

Today starts the 3-week countdown to my 5K, and I’m excited for my Couch to 5K week 5, day 3 run. It’ll be a beast with 20 minutes straight running. Wish me luck!


I’m wondering…


What’s your favorite place to go on weekends?

I love visiting my family in Miami, but if I want to go somewhere closer, I love going to the beach. It’s only a 2-hour drive from Gainesville, and my go-to home away from home.

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  1. aaahhh! I’d love to be able to drive to Miami for the weekend 🙂 Living in Vancouver, Canada, my fav weekend getaway is a tie between Whistler and Seattle.

  2. Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile

    Sounds like a blast at home! I always feel super rushed when I visit home. I haven’t visited yet since being in Gainesville, so I’m sure that feels even more rushed. I’m glad you had a nice time though. You are going to do awesome with your 5k!

  3. Aweee I didn’t realize our pic had made your blog!!!! lol Nice!

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