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Both Feet In: Welcome!

Hey there!

I’ve been entertaining the idea of launching a blog for a long time now, so here I am, jumping with both feet, into the blogging world.

In high school, I loved to write. I was always the kid who read the assigned literature instead of the online summaries, and turned in essays and stories ahead of time. But no one at the time took a writing career seriously, so I went to school for advertising and became a graphic designer.

Last year, I started paying more attention to my health and fitness, and in March of this year, I became downright serious about it. I began Googling things like “how to breathe while running” and “at home workout ideas” and I’d stumble upon blog posts and more blog posts. It seemed like all the helpful information was coming from people’s personal experiences, and I fell in love with reading about it.

After a few months of reading and subscribing, I decided I wanted to create a blog. I wanted to be accountable for my workout efforts, share my story, and hoped that maybe what I was learning along the way would help someone else. Plus, I needed a hobby and this was a great excuse to get back into writing.

I talked about starting this up for awhile, and eventually I put my foot down and stopped talking about it. I looked up “how to start a blog” and the rest, as they say…

Well, here it is! And here I am!

The hardest part of launching this blog was coming up with a name. I’d seen awesome names, creative names, witty names, and just plain cliche names. But no natter what a person’s blog was called, it suited them and their musings perfectly.

I’ve never been good at naming things, so I enlisted my friend Whitney’s help. We thought and thought about all the possibilities, and then it suddenly came to her! You + Me = Fit!

I love the name because it’s a simple equation for what I hope to accomplish by writing this. You read, I do things, and we get fit together. And the graphic designer in me started picturing awesome logo ideas right away.

After YouMeFit was born, I bought the domain and hosting right away and had this bad boy up and running in a few days. I can’t remember the last time I had this much passion for something, and I could see myself doing this for a long time.

This space is where I’ll write motivational tips for getting off your butt and exercising, share delicious and nutritious recipes, and post cool workouts like this one:

I’ll also share hair and makeup tips, review different beauty and fitness products, and talk about my cool pit bull, Trina. Every once in a while, I’ll even give you life advice that should be taken with a grain of salt. But mostly, health and fitness, because that’s what we’re here for.

And I really hope that one day, someone will stumble upon this blog after Googling a workout question, and what I’m doing will inspire them to become more healthy and fit.

That being said, wish me luck.

About youmefit

I am a college student that is trying to stay physically fit and eat healthy. We all know how hard this is, so I am trying to post some tips, and get some discussions started so we can all learn from each other.

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