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When Declining Health Demands a Change: Five Ways to Seek a Better Tomorrow


Health is an easy thing to take for granted. When you are healthy and happy for long periods of time, you grow used to a level of satisfaction in your life that can easily be taken away upon the onset of health problems. No one wants to deal with unexpected pain and suffering, but facing these issues can sometimes have one benefit: It forces you to rethink your goals and commit to taking better care of yourself.

1. Create a Vision board

Creating a vision board will help you keep your goals in mind as you go about your daily life. You can use a dry erase board, chalkboard or even a simple piece of paper to write down your dreams for the future. Place this list of dreams in the area where you spend the most time, along with inspirational photographs, quotes and anything else that you feel might motivate you to get there.

2. Start Exercising

You have probably heard this one plenty of times, but if you are facing serious health problems, exercise should be your number one priority. Talk to your doctor about determining an exercise plan that will work for your particular health situation.

3. Let Go of The Past

Your health is an overall representation of the state of your body and mind. If you are suffering physically, you are probably suffering emotionally as well. Now is a good time to examine your past and see if there are any old wounds that need healing. If you are holding on to resentment toward a friend or family member, consider making a phone call and talking it out. You may be surprised at how much better you feel.

4. Adopt a Fresher Diet

Since you are working on releasing yourself of emotional burdens, why not release yourself of physical toxins as well? Now is a great time to adopt a lighter, more cleansing diet plan. Try limiting your servings of pasta, meat and other heavy foods. Instead, opt for more salad, soup and fresh juices.

5. See a Life Coach

If you really want to become healthier in body and mind but are struggling with how to get there on your own, it may be time to ask for some help. A life coach will have the wisdom and experience required to guide you toward a healthier state, not only by encouraging a healthier lifestyle but also by helping you look deep within yourself to discover what is truly holding you back. They will help you get on a healthy track by establishing set goals and by providing healthy information and mind setting techniques.

Finding a life coach does not have to be a difficult task. Using an online professional life coach directory, such as www.noomii.com, will enable a person to find a large selection of different types of life coaches internationally, including health and fitness coaches. These kinds of sites provide back ground information about various coaches, kinds of degrees a coach may hold, discuss how a particular life coach can help, and even online reviews for each coach. Some offer an initial consultation at no charge.

When you become sick, you tend to look back on the time you spent healthy and feel that you could have appreciated it more. It’s never easy to face a serious health problem, especially if it has the potential to take your life. However, if you look for the good in your situation, it might be enough to motivate you toward a better tomorrow. You only get one life to life, and you currently still have a chance to turn it around. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Fitness and health advocate Lisa Coleman offers some ways that a person who has a decreased state of health can reverse their situation in healthy ways. Recently she researched online at www.noomii.com, an online professional life coach directory, how a health and fitness coach can help assist with better health through goal and mind setting techniques, and consultation regarding health and motivation skills.

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