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Leg Day & Drink Chia! Giveaway

Yesterday was a brutal leg day. The reason it was so brutal has to do with an embarrassing thing that happened at the gym the other day. Part of my job is to clean up things like this: A few 45s are no problem. But apparently a few 45s on a barbell are. I’ve been deadlifting 100lbs max, and someone left a barbell with two 45s on it just chillin’ in the middle of the floor. I go to pick it up, testing the waters so I don’t hurt myself, and realize it isn’t happening. Then a girl comes out ... Read More »

Tuesday Tips: Lunch Break Workouts

Hey! Just to give you a quick update: I’ve been working 6 days a week, and between work and working out, I’ve been spending 9-10 hours at the gym a day. I’m even there on my days off working out. Is that the definition of gym rat? :-/ So please bear with me while I, yet again, figure out a new job/ blogging/ gym routine that fits my crazy schedule. In the meantime, I want to get back to doing the Tuesday Tips, and what more fitting topic for today than fitting in a lunch workout during your busy schedule? ... Read More »

Workout Plan Planning

I can’t believe we’re a quarter way through December already! I’ve been so busy at work planning strategies and booking clients for the new year that I’ve been inspired to plan a little something for myself as well, in the form of a workout schedule. Tentative of course, since we all know how good I am at sticking to plans. I was working with Whitney last week to come up with a workout plan to reach my goal of 16% body fat safely in 6 months. We can up with a weekly schedule, but I was just having a tough time ... Read More »

No Ifs, Ands or Butts

Did you take the Don’t Be a Turkey challenge and do a cleanse or detox after Thanksgiving weekend? I’d love to hear what your thoughts were and find out if you saw any benefit. Today’s your last chance to leave a comment here for a chance to win a healthy goodie bag! —————————————————————————– If you’re been keeping up with my newly rediscovered fitness drive, I’ve been talking a lot about all the advice Whitney has been giving me, and if you’re lost about who she is or what role she plays in my life, here’s the breakdown. Whitney is my ... Read More »

Don’t Be A Turkey Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Housekeeping first: Cookies are EVIL. No, not the tasty, chewy type. The Internet browser type. I just got wind that my banner and a few other images on the blog haven’t been working, so my apologies. It should be all taken care of now. Wednesday we had a pot luck at work and I made a delicious green bean casserole, and yesterday I had a spectacular dinner with my family. Instead of rehashing Thanksgiving and dinner and the drive down to Miami, I want to do something different. I’m having a great time ... Read More »

Fitness: You’re Doing It Wrong

As part of my LA Fitness membership, I received one free personal training session. I went in on Tuesday thinking they were just trying to sell me a training package (which they were), but I came out feeling enlightened and very humbled. My trainer, Keith, and I sat down and he asked me a series of questions about my exercise, diet, and sleep habits.  I felt comfortable with him right away, and he trains figure and bikini competitors, so he understood exactly the type of shape I want to be in. I described to him what I eat and how ... Read More »

Playing Catch-Up

Hey there! I hope you had a great weekend! I went back to Gainesville, packed a few more things I couldn’t bring with me last week and hung out with Troy and a few friends. It just so happened to be Halloween, Florida-Georgia, and The Fest weekend all at once, but I had so many things to catch up on that I didn’t really enjoy any of the festivities. I’ve been AWOL, so let me catch you up quickly. Last Sunday, I officially moved into my new place in Altamonte Springs, a city just outside of Orlando. It’s a really ... Read More »

Physique 57 in NYC

Wheeeeere haaaave yooooou beeeen? Not only do I have that song stuck in my head, but I’m sure some of you are wondering where I’ve been. The short answer is New York, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Orlando in less than 4 days. I’ve been on a plane, on a ferry, in a subway, and in a hotel. And it’s been hectic. I still haven’t sorted through all my New York pictures, and so much happened that I’ll save that pic dump for another day. Today I want to tell you about an AMAZING group fitness class I took while I was ... Read More »

Weekend Wrapup: Good Food & Fitness

Do you ever wake up with that confused feeling on Monday morning trying to figure out if it’s still the weekend or if you have to go to work? I definitely did this morning. Fortunately, I had a satisfying, relaxing weekend to hold me over until next Friday. Friday After work, Troy and I did this 550 Killer Reps workout from BodyRock. I love the old BodyRock workouts where they only use body weight and hadn’t started using equipment like sand bags and bars yet. My time was around 28 minutes, but I didn’t do all 50 walkover pushups. I did ... Read More »

Weekend Wrapup: Miami Trip

Hey, there! I hope you had a great, relaxing weekend! I went to Miami on Friday and got back yesterday afternoon. Weekend trips to Miami tend to be really stressful for me because it’s a 5-hour drive down as soon as I’m off work Friday, then a Saturday crammed full of activities, then another 5-hour drive back Sunday. This time wasn’t so bad, but I’m pretty exhausted from all the driving and running around. We got in Friday night and I had a late dinner with my parents, and hung out with my mom, showing her how to do things ... Read More »